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Art Gallery A picture is worth one thousand words. Grab your brush and catch some Pokemon!

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JokesterJesse's Art Gallery-Ekans
Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Crazy, Abnormal, and Normal-Burmy
VeloJello's Splashing Sculpture-Magikarp
A Badass Gallery-Diglett
The Farthest Extent of My Artistic Talents-Weedle
MG's Doodles n' Drawings-Scraggy
Breaking New Ground-Sewaddle
Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Poliwag
Dark Charizard-Lapras
Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Ponyta
Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Kakuna
Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Unown
Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Gastly
Breaking New Ground-Skitty
Breaking New Ground-Oddish
Breaking New Ground-Gothita
I'm a Time Lord, Not an Artist!-Tentacool
I'm a Time Lord, Not an Artist!-Croagunk
Massive Fire-Charizard
The Lark's Scribbles-Snover
The Lark's Scribbles-Smoochum
The Lark's Scribbles-Wynaut
The Lark's Scribbles-Poliwag
The Lark's Scribbles-Caterpie
Big's Futile Attempts at Art-Kricketot
The Farthest Extent of My Artistic Talents-Surskit
Breaking New Ground-Tentacool
Breaking New Ground-Poliwag
Breaking New Ground-Cherubi
Breaking New Ground-Venipede
Breaking New Ground-Oddish 2
sammy0295's URPG gallery ("Golden Opportunity")-Caterpie
Zoned's Art Topic-Numel
Zoned's Art Topic-Joltik
Zoned's Art Topic-Seedot
Zoned's Art Topic-Combee
Felly Draws-Oddish #1
Felly Draws-Oddish #2
Zoned's Art Extravaganza-Shellos
I'm a Time Lord, not an Artist!-Murkrow
Breaking New Ground-Hoothoot
Breaking New Ground-Lotad
Owl's Doodlings-Venonat
Owl's Doodlings-Dunsparce
Turtwing A's Poliwag
Synthesis's Tentacool
War and Dreams [2/2]-Ferroseed

Total Wages Overall:


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Winter's Unpaid Binge List

None Yet

Paid Endeavors

Paid: 35k
1. Lightning Queen by Velocity
2. Reaching for the Crimson Star by Swiftgallade46
3. DIS IS CUTE...I THINK by Swiftgallade46
4. Pumpkaboo by Gun6
5. Shoot for the Moon by Sky Lark
6. FatBat by Princess Crow

3/3-4/28: 10k
1. Inkay Underwater by Felly
2. Sewaddle by Raveg64

2/4-3/2: 3.5k
1. Partings by Axion

11/9-12/3: 7k
1. Temple Runner and Momma? by Axion

8/26-9/29: 3k
1. An Ancient Encounter by Axion

7/19-8/25: 11k
1. Harry Potter and the Alternate Universe by Emma
2. Hiding in Plain Sight by Axion

5/10-6/17: 7k
1. Gearhead Artwork by Axion

Total Wages: 76.5k


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Moving my log thread to PWN to help Felly in taking over!

Unpaid: (4)
Felly's Numel
Elysia's Taillow
Ayo's Helioptile
Starry's Fletchling

Paid: (84)

Wintervines (6)
Wintervine's Roggenrola
Wintervine's Deerling (x2)
Wintervine's Woobat
Wintervine's Blitzle (x2)

Kanga (1)
Kanga's Skitty

Embreon (1)
Embreon's Mankey

GunGun6 (11)
Gun6's Litwick (x2)
Gun6's Ekans
Gun6's Mankey
Gun6's Pancham (x2)
Gun6's Bunnelby
Gun6's Scatterbug
Gun6's Weedle
Gun6's Surskit
Gun6's Dedenne

Zoned (3)
Zoned's Nidoran
Zoned's Vanillite (x2)

Sky Lark (13)
Sky Lark's Nidoran
Sky Lark's Paras
Sky Larks Vulpix (x2)
Sky Lark's Poliwag
Sky Lark's Nidoran
Lark's Sewaddle
Sky Lark's Sctterbug
Lark's Espurr (x2)
Sky Lark's Espurr - Re-curation
Sky Lark's OTHER Espurr - Re-curation
Sky Lark's Buneary

Dakhem Uaid (7)
Dakhem Uaid's Magikarp
Dakhem Uaid's Hoppip
Dakhem Uaid's Wurmple
Protobabe's Carvanha (x2)
Dakhem's Gulpin (x2)

SwiftGallade (2)
SwiftGallade's Wynaut
SwiftGallade's Budew

Smores/Elamite (2)
Elamite's Natu (x2)

Ace Trainer Liam (4)
Ace Trainer Liam's Slowpoke (x2)
Ace Trainer Liam's Slowpokes (x2) Re-Curation

Eclipsi (1)
Eclipsi's Diglett

Blue Sky Ravine (1)
BlueSkyRavine's Sandshrew

Princess Crow (1)
Princess Crow's Tentacool

BulbaTurtwig (1)
Turtwig's Unown

Elysia (5)
Elysia's Cubone (x2)
Elysia's Poliwag
Elysia's Helioptile (x2)

GWRando (14)
GWrando's Hoothoot
GWrando's Magikarp
GWrando's Caterpie
GWRando's Voltorb (x2)
GWRando's Weedle
GWRando's Roggenrola
GWRando's Azurill
GWRando's Kricketot
GWRando's Ekans
GWRando's Pichu
GWRando's Voltorb (x2) Re-Curation
GWRando's Azurill Re-Curation

KnittyDragon (1)
KnittyDragon's Poliwag
Knittydragon's Zorua

RockinCrockodile (2)
Rockin Crocodile's Magikarp
Rockin Crocodile's Hoothoot

Eska (2)
Eska's Shellder (x2)

Redshift (2)
Redshift's Shinx
Redshift's Sphinx (Regrade)

Dalek (2)
Dalek's Feebas (x2)

Andarene's Abra

Total Earnings: 251,750

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