an all-original Pokemon RP dedicated to Alaska

In the year 3005, we all thought the world ended. A comet collided into Planet Earth, carrying brutal, dangerous monsters who seemed imbued with eighteen traits of existence itself: beasts who burned whole skyscrapers down, melted peoples' minds, and drowned whole cities by summoning upon a godly water power. Scientists scrambled. Leadership left, leaving whole countries in anarchy. Somebody a long time ago whispered in fear the word Pokemon.

And their incredible abilities seeped into the souls of a few of us too, like a disease that cannot be cured no matter how much we prayed or sought medical help. Babies were born with a double consciousness on many levels: regular humans no longer saw these PokeSouls the same way though they looked just like a human; the PokeSouls had another voice ringing in their head who sounded like a Pokemon; and those PokeSouls sought to teach humans that Pokemon weren't out for their blood.

But fear knows no bounds. Ten years later, we all find ourselves caught in a war between the Pokemon and Human race. Each has their own agenda and isn't everyone so crazy to begin with? The only safety we sought, as PokeSouls ourselves, was the URPG space center suspended between the PokeWorld and the EarthWorld. And here we learn at school, form relationships, dance at night, and pretend that we won't be the child soldiers of the universe's greatest mistake. How long until?...

  • each in-character post is worth P300, which can be exchanged for character items/abilities or for $300 equivalent of URPG currensy to be used at the PokeMart, etc.
  • can play as a human, PokeSoul, Pokemon, or anything!
  • animanga face claims, plot development, events!
  • text-based RP with all original characters
  • 250 word count minimum



Another section of the URPG that can bring in more activity and role-players ^^ if you want in with the creation of this message me!