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Thread: Clean or Dirty?

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    Default Clean or Dirty?

    Do you prefer to have a clean area or do you not mind if it's dirty? Do you have OCD when it comes to things like this? Discuss below!

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    It depends for me, I like my house to clean (of course) so I do dust and vacuum a lot and I like to put my clothes that I've worn for the day in the hamper before I clean them. But I'm not going to freak out if there are clothes like shirts, pants, socks, etc. accidentally left on my bed or floor, when I notice it I just put them in the hamper.

    If we're talking about public areas, then yes I do prefer a clean area to sit, especially if I'm eating. Overall I'm not OCD about cleaning, the reason why I do dust and vacuum a lot is cause of my allergies and they'll get irritated if I haven't done any of those two things for a while.

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