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Thread: Mini Run Event

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    Default Mini Run Event

    National Park Mini Run Event

    Welcome to the National Park Event in celebration of the URPG's expansion to PXR Forums! In response, we've developed a miniature run to introduce new players to the Park gently.

    One of the biggest problem new players face is how hard it is to obtain their first few Pokemon. The Park can be hard right out the gate because many players can't evolve their starters right away or obtain a second mon. In this run, we're fixing that! For the Mini Event, it's not important to have your starter evolved or even have a second Pokemon.

    Instead, we'll set up a small run at a discounted price. We'll even give you supplies. All you have to do is bring your mons, pay a small entry fee, and roleplay!

    The run will consist of five encounters in any area the player chooses. A player may capture as many as they want, but they can only leave with one when the run is over. All of the encountered Pokemon will be of the Common Rank, as an introduction to how the Park works. A player will also be handed a starter kit with 3 Park Balls, 1 Energy Powder, 1 Lava Cookie, and 1 Pokedoll. Any items not used can be kept and used on your next run.

    As this is an event designed for new players, only those that joined on or after February 21, 2014 can participate. Note that any new member from all three forums can join. Also, any new players that have already participated in a normal run are not eligible for this one. Sign-ups last for two months from this post, ending on April 21st. Keep in mind that a run doesn't have to be finished by then; members just need to sign up by then.

    For more Park information, take a look at the Rules and Encyclopedia.

    And now for the TL;DR version!

    • You must be a member of URPG to join
    • Members have to sign up for the National Park
    • Only members who joined on/after Feb 21 can participate
    • It costs $1,000 to enter
    • Players are given: 3 Park Balls, 1 Energy Powder, 1 Lava Cookie, and 1 Pokedoll
    • Any unused items can be kept
    • The run will be 5 encounters from the Common Rank
    • Only 1 Pokemon can be claimed from the run

    Remember to ask any Ranger if you have questions. This run is about learning without much risk.

    Sign-up Form:

    Trainer Name:
    Entrance Fee: 1,000
    Total Money:
    Total Cost:
    Items: Park Ball x3, Energy Powder x1, Lava Cookie x1, Pokedoll x1

    Pokemon Stats (The Pokemon you're bringing. Up to 2)
    Ability: (If your Pokemon has more than one, pick one to use for the duration of your visit)
    Nature: (These are located in the Park Encyclopedia)
    TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: (Any extra moves you've added to your mons)
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