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Thread: Community Rules [Updated: 4/15/18]

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    Default Community Rules [Updated: 4/15/18]

    Forum Rules
    These forum rules apply to all sections of the Petalburg Woods forums. We ask that you abide by them to keep our community as peaceful as possible. Please also bear in mind that individual sections may have their own sets of rules that you will have to follow in addition to these rules.

    • No spam
      Please refrain from making posts that are unrelated to the topic at hand.
    • No illegal content
      Illegal content is defined as ROMs, warez, cracks, keygens, etc.
    • Respect others
      We understand that everyone here may not get along, and that’s okay. However, we also ask that you respect your fellow PWN members and their opinions. Do not insult, flame, or bash other members on the forums or be disrespectful.
    • No excessive profanity
      We are okay with profanity, but please do not use it excessively. The occasional f-bomb is okay, but when it’s used repeatedly, it gets to be too much.
    • Drama from other forums
      Please do not bring drama from other forums to PWN. We’re open to members from all over, even if they’re members on other forums, but we do not want to see your drama from there here.
    • Advertising
      Advertising is prohibited on PWN with the exception of in your signatures. You are allowed to post links to other websites or blogs so long as they are relevant to the topic at hand.
    • Graphic content
      Graphic content, including pornography and nudity, is prohibited on PWN.
    • Plagiarism
      Plagiarism is prohibited on PWN.
    • Bumping threads
      Bumping threads, also known as necroposting, is allowed on PWN.
    • Multiple accounts
      Multiple accounts are not permitted on PWN. Siblings and family members are encouraged to join, but a single user cannot have more than one account on the forums.

    Signature Rules
    In addition to the above rules, we also have a set of signature rules that we ask that you follow.

    • Signatures should be no larger than 500x350 pixels
      This is the total size of the signature, text included.
    • Spoilers are permitted
      The content in spoilers has no size limits.

    If you are unsure if your signature follows the above rules, please post in our Signature Check thread.

    We also have a Discord server where users can mingle and chat with each other. Rules for that can be found in #rules on the server.

    Warning System
    Breaking any of the above rules will result in a warning. Excessive warnings will result in bans. This warning system is merely a guideline, and it is dependent on the severity of the offense.

    First Offense: Warning
    Second Offense: Warning
    Third Offense: One week ban
    Fourth Offense: One month ban
    Fifth Offense: Permanent ban

    It is worth noting that sharing pornographic content, nudity, or graphic content will result in an immediate permanent ban.
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    Default Guide to Staff Roles

    PWN has four primary staff roles that are used here on the forums. We’ve provided a description of each role and the members that are in that role.

    Administrators are the highest ranking members on PWN. They handle all of the administrative stuff of the forums, from managing all of the boards to organizing staff. Admins typically handle a lot of the back end stuff of the forums. They also act as the point of contact if there are issues with any of the lower staff or another admin, or if there is a board without a moderator. Admins will make executive decisions about the forums if necessary, but this only happens in extreme circumstances. They can be identified by their red names on the forums.

    • HKim
    • Mistral
    • ray_quazaa
    • Surfer Liam

    Super Moderators
    Super Moderators take charge of all of the forums on PWN. They are the second highest members on the forums. Their primary role is to watch over all of PWN’s forums, but most especially those that do not have Moderators. They are the first points of contact for boards without Moderators, and they also act as points of contact if there are issues with any of the Moderators. They can be identified by their blue names on the forums.

    • Ash K.
    • Elrond

    Moderators take charge of one or two sections of PWN. They are the lowest ranking staff members on the forums, but their opinions are equal to that of Super Moderators and Administrators. Moderators focus a good chunk of their attention on select boards, but they can be active in all areas of the forums. They are the ones posting a lot in their sections, facilitating discussions, and hosting events. They are the first points of contact for their boards. They can be identified by their yellow names on the forums.

    We currently have no Moderators on PWN.

    URPG Staff
    URPG Staff are separate from the rest of the PWN staff, though there may be some crossover. Their primary duty is to moderate the Pokemon Ultra RPG, or URPG. Any concerns about the URPG and its sections should be taken up with the URPG staff. They can be identified by the blue tilde next to their names.

    • ~ Ash K.
    • ~ Ataro
    • ~ Dash
    • ~ Dekrueger
    • ~ Elrond
    • ~ Fierce Deity
    • ~ Jack
    • ~ K’sariya
    • ~ Mikey57
    • ~ Surfer Liam
    • ~ TheProtobabe
    • ~ VeloJello

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