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Thread: Community Rules [Updated: 10/25/15]

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    Default Community Rules [Updated: 10/25/15]


    Welcome to Petalburg Woods! If you are a registered member, then thank you very much for choosing to be a part of our community! We are trying our best to keep our community totally safe, nice 'n clean and completely troll-free. We want our members to be nice and respectful. With your help, we will always be one step closer. So please, take your time and read our forum rules. It will be a big help!

    Posting Rules

    • No Spam
      Do not make posts that are pointless or unrelated to the thread's topic, and do not quote or reply to a post that is pointless or unrelated to the thread's topic. Do not make short posts. Anyone who posts a message saying something like "Thank you for this Anime / Manga / Game…etc", your posts will be likely be deleted! You're free to VM or PM the user you want to thank.

      Example of spam posts

      1. Thanks for this banner! Looks great!
        Yes, these kind posts are spam. Why? Posting a thank you will just take up more unnecessary space on a thread, plus it's much better to leave a message on that user's profile or send them a private message since they'll get a notification and see it much quicker!
      2. this thang suxz
        This post is not constructive, helpful, nor does it contribute anything.
      3. Nice!
        One-word posts also count as Spam. However, one-word posts are allowed in certain threads and sections, in the Forum Games sections.

    • Proper section
      Before you submit a new thread, make sure you're posting the thread in the right section. Read the forum's title and description very carefully before posting. If your thread is posted in the wrong section, it will either be locked or moved!
    • Copyrighted materials
      Posting attachments, download links or links to websites that contain copyrighted content is strictly prohibited. Illegal materials are, for example: ROMs, warez, cracks, keygens, etc. You will receive an infraction if you do this!

    • Posts in other languages
      PWf is an English-speaking forum, so please only converse in English. You are allowed to talk to members in other languages through VM/PM, however, but not in threads!

    Forum-wide Rules
    • Respecting other people
      No one is perfect; everyone has their strong and weak point. Do not act like you're perfect. Be nice to all the members and treat them all as equals. Do not act like you're better than everyone else. Do not insult, manipulate, flame or bash other members for their points of view. Avoid swearing on the forums anywhere, especially when directed at other members. Do not post rude or disrespectful thread titles and/or posts. Additionally, please do not use symbols or letters/numbers to bypass the censor.
    • Drama from other forums
      Carrying on from the above rule, please refrain from bringing drama from other forums to PWN. What happens on another forum stays on another forum. We will not tolerate drama from other forums on PWN. You're welcome to bring your friends from other forums to this one, but leave the drama behind if there was any.
    • Advertising
      Posts, PMs or VMs containing advertisements, links to other forums, websites or blogs are strictly prohibited. But, you are allowed to post links to images or videos. The places you're allowed to advertise is your own signature. This does not apply to our large scale RPGs that may have branches on other forums.
    • Pornographic, Nudity, and Graphic Content
      PWf is a family-friendly forum. Absolutely no graphic material can be posted or linked to anywhere on the forum. You will be severely infracted for this.
    • Theft of content
      Please do not take other people's work or contents and claim them as yours.
    • Bumping/Thread Revival
      Bumping threads is currently permitted.

    Other Rules

    • Multiple accounts
      You are not allowed to have multiple accounts under any circumstances.
    • Usernames
      You are not allowed to use usernames that contains inappropriate language. Your username must be appropriate and not target anyone or anything. Maximum characters you can use in your username is 30. Webmasters reserve the right to edit any username when needed.

    User infraction system and bans

    The User Infraction system is designed to automate the management of misbehaving users. Breaking any of the rules above will cause you to get a warning or infraction appropriately. You receive a warning when you break any of the rules above for the first time, and then you start receiving infractions if you continue breaking the rules. Constant breaking of the rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban from the forum. When you receive an official warning/infraction, you will receive a Private Note with the details.

    You are not allowed to make a new account while you are banned (sockpuppeting, as it's called). If you do, your new account will be banned and you might receive an IP ban depending on the severity.

    Below is an outline of the current infraction system:

    User Infractions

    • Excessive Double/Triple Posting
      Points: 1
      Expires: 7 Days
    • Excessive SPAM Posting
      Points: 1
      Expires: 7 Days
      (first time will be a warning, depending on severity of offense)
    • Trolling in Private/Visitor Messages
      Points: 2
      Expires: 14 Days
    • Posting Provocative Messages
      Points: 2
      Expires: 14 Days
    • Plagiarism
      Points: 4
      Expires: Never
    • Insulting/Flaming Members
      Points: 4
      Expires: 1 Month
      (first time will be a warning, depending on severity of offense)
    • Sharing Illegal Content
      Points: 10
      Expires: Never
      (first time will be a warning, depending on severity of offense)
    • Sharing of Obscene/Pornographic Content
      Points: 20
      Expires: Never

    Infraction and Point values may change depending on the severity of the rule in which you've broken, so do take caution that just because an offense may list "1 point", does not always mean that you will always get that one point. Consecutive rule-breakers especially get more than one point if they break multiple rules.

    Basically, point-values are entirely at the reasonable discretion of the staff member and within reason they can and will adjust the point values as they see fit, depending on the offense.

    After you garner a certain amount of points, the system will automatically punish you, depending on the point total. The following events will happen at each interval of point totals.

    • 10 Infraction Points - 7 Day Ban
    • 14 Infraction Points - 1 Month Ban
    • 18 Infraction Points - 2 Month Ban
    • 25 Infraction Points - 3 Month Ban
    • 32 Infraction Points - Permanent Ban

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    Default Signature Rules

    Official Signature Rules

    1. Your signature cannot exceed 350 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width. This includes text! If you have, for example, an image that is 350 pixels tall in your signature, you cannot extra text regardless of how small it is or it will break the height limit.
    2. Spoilers in signatures are allowed, but the content inside the tags cannot exceed 350 pixels in height and 500 pixels in width.
    3. Images in signatures can not be over 1MB in file size.
    4. Inappropriate images are not allowed in signatures.

      If you would like to check if your signature is within our limits, please use the Signature Check thread.
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    Official Chat Rules

    The PWN chats are also moderated by the general rules of PWN, located in the first post of this thread. However, as these are chats, we are being slightly more leinient on our chat rules, so please read these as well and keep them in mind when you're participating in our Skype, Discord, and/or IRC chats.

    • All moderators on the forums are also moderators of our Skype and IRC chats.
    • Swearing on our chats is permitted on a minimal basis; bullying is absolutely not permitted under any circumstances.
    • Posting links to other sites is allowed, but advertising another forum is not. You're welcome to advertise your streams, but we ask that you don't advertise other forums. If you'd really like to advertise a forum, you can do so in your signature on the forums. If you're linking to another forum that has information on a specific topic, that is fine as well. There is a difference between blatant advertising and providing information; the staff will take action if it is the former.
    • Ban evasion is not permitted. Obviously this will be slightly harder on Skype than on IRC, but if you are caught ban evading, the length of your ban will be extended or permanent, depending on the severity of your offense.
    • Please, please, please do not beg for power in our chats. This also applies to voice in the IRC chat. Asking makes us less likely to give it to you. If we genuinely need people, we'll come to you if we feel like you're deserving. You're welcome to make jokes about it, but if you're genuinely asking for it, we're not going to give it to you any time soon.
    • Have fun in the chats! Joke around with each other and chat it up, just like you do on the forums.

    Overall, the basic rule is to have fun and not be a complete jerk off to people in our chats. If you get banned, it's likely for a reason, and your best bet is to not try to complain to someone else to get it lifted. Unless you feel like you were wrongfully banned, then please do not come to a staff member to get your ban lifted. We're not going to do it. If your ban goes over the time you were told it was for, then please do contact a staff member so that it can be lifted. We intend to be much more lax about what goes on in the chats than we would be with the forums, and we're already pretty lax on the forums as it is. If you're not a total jerk and you're playing it cool, then everything will be alright and you'll have nothing to worry about.

    First Offense: If a staff member finds a chat action or conduct unbefitting of our community rules, that staff member will talk to the member and provide a warning and explanation.
    Second Offense: 1-week ban from the chat
    Third Offense: 1-month ban from our chat
    Fourth Offense: Permanent ban from chat (and possibly forums)
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