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Thread: Easter Capture Contest Results!

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    Default Easter Capture Contest Results!

    All right, we've got all the scores in and everything's been tallied up. Here's the moment everyone's been waiting for! First off, I'll start by thanking everyone who took part, and to those of you whose runs didn't finish, you can now claim your entry refund of $3,000 for the event. Please remember that any items left over from the event are NOT to be added to your stats; for all intents and purposes, they pretty much disappear.

    Next, I'll reveal the Special Item that the first-place winner is going to receive. We have quite a lengthy list of Event Items, so I complied a smaller one consisting of interesting and useful items, then rolled a die to determine which item the winner would receive. Here's the list:

    1) Aprijuice Drink
    2) Bellow Disk
    3) Lens Pack: x1 Power Lens and x1 Zoom Lens
    4) Extended Edition Voice Disk
    5) Glassy Lens
    6) Hall Pass
    7) Love Potion
    8) Magnet Scent
    9) Oak's Hoax
    10) Oak's Parcel
    11) Oak's Trinket
    12) Ranger's Delight
    13) Smoke Ball
    14) Status Bomb
    15) x1 Randomly-rolled Tooth
    16) Hi Def Voice Disk

    And the result:

    [Ranger Alliance] 4:35 am
    ttartrainer rolled 1 16-sided die: 12

    Dog of Hellsing 4:36 am
    Ranger's Delight it is

    Ranger's Delight is an item that completely restores your Pokemon's HP and cures any status ailment it may have. It can be used up to three times.


    And now, in order of 3rd to 1st, here are the winners of the 2013 Easter Capture Contest!

    Sharing the third-place rank at 85 points each are Akinai, Gliscorman, and yours truly, Dog of Hellsing! It was pretty funny because at first we all shared the 1st place position and there was a bit of panicking as to how to handle so many overall winners, but that issue was quickly taken care of by our second-place winner, TheProtobabe, who came in at 86 points! Good thing she got that extra one point or 4 people would have had to settle for sharing second-place. But we were all left in the dust by the first-place winner of the Capture Contest: coming in at an impressive 94 points, Sky Lark pretty much took the lead and ran with it while laughing maniacally and doing some strange ritual dance. It was both amusing and terrifying to watch! And here is a list of what the winners can claim:

    1st Place: 5,000 Park Shop Credits + Ranger's Delight + Park Pass
    2nd Place: 3,500 Park Shop Credits + Par Pass
    3rd Place: 1,500 Park Shop Credits + Park Pass


    And finally, here are everyone's scores, in no particular order. Use Ctrl + F to find your name quickly if you like. I know I posted a few days ago telling you to post in the Info and SU thread with your claims with links to the post your scores were in; for the sake of simplicity, everyone just post your claims here instead lol. Just as a reminder, here's the list of point requirements:

    Score of 90+: Bring out Special or lower
    Score of 75+: Bring out Rare or lower
    Score of 65+: Bring out Intermediate or lower.
    Score of 55+: Bring out Borderline or lower.
    Score of 45+: Bring out Uncommon or Common.
    Score of 35+: Bring out Common.

    And here are the scores:

    Chainy: 81
    Gliscorman: 85
    DoH: 85
    Akinai: 85
    Princess Crow: 74
    Siless: 72
    Fossil Fusion: 74
    Bee: 73
    Commba: 75
    Winter: 79
    Reaper: 66
    Felly: 78
    Ash: 83
    Smiles: 83
    Proto: 86
    BlueTowel: 79
    Sky Lark: 94
    Joltik: 70

    For Rangers who roll any Egg Pokemon, here's the list of, well, Egg Lists lol:

    1) Pman - Sycther | Slowbro | Porygon | Horsea | Drillbur
    2) Fossil Fusion - Tauros | Kangaskhan | Poliwag | Paras | Tangela
    3) TheProtobabe - Porygon | Tauros | Swablu | Riolu | Electrike
    4) Dog of Hellsing - Drilbur | Larvesta | Azurill | Druddigon | Murkrow
    5) Princess Crow - Drilbur | Gligar | Gastly | Tynamo | Smeargle
    6) Akinai - Drifloon | Zangoose | Horsea | Frillish | Rotom
    7) Emmy - Swinub | Scraggy | Cubchoo | Mienfoo | Timburr
    8) Monbrey - Rhyhorn | Ralts | Torkoal | Heatmor | Drillbur
    9) Dinobot - Feebas | Drilbur | Abra | Drifloon | Stunfisk
    10) Airik - Rotom | Kecleon | Litwick | Snorunt | Oddish
    11) Joltik - Crustle | Gligar | Vanillite | Abra | Horsea
    12) CommBA - Rotom | Munchlax | Aron | Joltik | Horsea
    13) Biggggg5 - Munchlax | Tynamo | Horsea| Rhyhorn | Sableye
    14) Sky Lark - Porygon | Feebas | Aerodactyl | Larvesta | Rotom
    15) Ataro - Larvesta | Rotom | Drilbur | Spinda | Castform
    16) The Miz - Natu | Drilbur | Rotom | Tynamo | Scraggy
    17) GliscorMan - Tropius | Growlithe | Lunatone | Houndour| Barboach
    18) Ash K - Venonat | Volbeat | Smeargle | Scyther | Lunatone
    19) Siless - Magnemite | Gothita | Petilil | Staryu | Litwick
    20) Crossover - Munchlax | Munchlax | Munchlax | Smeargle | Smeargle
    21) ImperialSunlight - Eevee | Bulbasaur | Dratini | Chimchar | Zubat
    22) Morru - Elgyem | Stunky | Porygon | Scyther | Abra
    23) Chainy - Porygon | Jellicent | Tynamo | Relicanth | Miltank
    24) WinterVines - Rotom | Rotom | Basculin | Porygon | Darumaka
    25) bestyxD - Ponyta | Vulpix | Cyndaquil | Tepig | Geodude
    26) Taither - Staryu | Nidoran-M | Ferroseed | Drilbur | Scraggy

    And with that, the Easter Capture Contest is officially over! Again, thank you to everyone who took part, and congratulations to you all.
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    WOOOOO!~ Congratulations Kyle, Jess, Akinai, Proto, and Skylark! =D This was a lot of fun!

    Also claiming my Porygon 2! Yeehaw!


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    Yay! Congratulations guys! ^_^ That was an interesting introduction to the National Park hehe. :D

    Thank you for rangering for me, Proto. ^_^

    Claiming Mt. Deckbi Hippopotas! :D

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    I scored enough for, Intermediate which qualifies me for everything on my Egg List. I'll be choosing an egg please!

    Score: 66
    Egg List: Diglett, Growlithe, Aron, Onix, Torkoal

    Oh, and DoH forgot to put my egg list in with the rest Xd

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    Reaper: You are handed a rather large, heavy egg covered in a tough, rocky surface. It's dense enough that you put it down on the ground. You watch as it wobbles, then cracks, a hard, rocklike fin poking out the top. The creature's whole body flops out to reveal a snakelike Pokemon with a series of small boulders for its body. It may be small now, but this Onix will grow quickly and be a tough battle partner for you! It makes a tiny growl and crawls to your feet.

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    I scored enough for everything on my egg list at 78, so I'd like one of my eggs to be rolled, please~ Apparently my list isn't in the first post, so here it is: Abra | Slowpoke | Staryu | Shinx | Magby.

    plz roll me one of the psychics. ♥

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felly View Post
    I scored enough for everything on my egg list at 78, so I'd like one of my eggs to be rolled, please~ Apparently my list isn't in the first post, so here it is: Abra | Slowpoke | Staryu | Shinx | Magby.

    plz roll me one of the psychics. ♥
    Sowwy, you get a Shinx.

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