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    Default Log Thread

    Banner by TheProtobabe

    Post Curator Logs here. Remember, if your log isn't updated, you may not get paid on time!
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    Blog Entries




    Archive (Older than 2016)
    JokesterJesse's Art Gallery-Ekans
    Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Crazy, Abnormal, and Normal-Burmy
    VeloJello's Splashing Sculpture-Magikarp
    A Badass Gallery-Diglett
    The Farthest Extent of My Artistic Talents-Weedle
    MG's Doodles n' Drawings-Scraggy
    Breaking New Ground-Sewaddle
    Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Poliwag
    Dark Charizard-Lapras
    Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Ponyta
    Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Kakuna
    Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Unown
    Kanga's Gallery of the Sane, Insane, Abnormal, and Normal-Gastly
    Breaking New Ground-Skitty
    Breaking New Ground-Oddish
    Breaking New Ground-Gothita
    I'm a Time Lord, Not an Artist!-Tentacool
    I'm a Time Lord, Not an Artist!-Croagunk
    Massive Fire-Charizard
    The Lark's Scribbles-Snover
    The Lark's Scribbles-Smoochum
    The Lark's Scribbles-Wynaut
    The Lark's Scribbles-Poliwag
    The Lark's Scribbles-Caterpie
    Big's Futile Attempts at Art-Kricketot
    The Farthest Extent of My Artistic Talents-Surskit
    Breaking New Ground-Tentacool
    Breaking New Ground-Poliwag
    Breaking New Ground-Cherubi
    Breaking New Ground-Venipede
    Breaking New Ground-Oddish 2
    sammy0295's URPG gallery ("Golden Opportunity")-Caterpie
    Zoned's Art Topic-Numel
    Zoned's Art Topic-Joltik
    Zoned's Art Topic-Seedot
    Zoned's Art Topic-Combee
    Felly Draws-Oddish #1
    Felly Draws-Oddish #2
    Zoned's Art Extravaganza-Shellos
    I'm a Time Lord, not an Artist!-Murkrow
    Breaking New Ground-Hoothoot
    Breaking New Ground-Lotad
    Owl's Doodlings-Venonat
    Owl's Doodlings-Dunsparce
    Turtwing A's Poliwag
    Synthesis's Tentacool
    War and Dreams [2/2]-Ferroseed

    Total Wages (Starting Jan. 2016):


    Curating Template
    HTML Code:
    [b]Curation for "Art Title Here"[/b]
    [i][u]What's Good[/u][/i]
    [i][u]Needs Improvement[/u][/i]
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    Winter's Unpaid Binge List

    None atm

    Legend Tracker
    Current Amount: 64k/500k (12.8%)

    Paid Endeavors Counting Legend Tracker

    Paid: Wages 4/7-4/23
    1. Hawlucha Taking a Dive by Julio

    Paid: Wages 2/14-3/6: 7k
    1. The Pokemon's Champion [Cash] by Ash K.

    Paid: Wages 1/9 to 2/1: 22.5k (15k to Tracker)
    1. "Do you wanna build a snowman?" [DEC] by Sou

    Paid: Wages to 5/8: 21k
    1. A Date in the Rain by Columbus
    2. Date Night by Elrond
    3. Burmy by Elrond
    4. Arcanine for Cash by Liam
    5. Snorunt by Columbus

    Wages to 1/25: 11k
    1. Meet SlurClaus~! by Sou [Dec]
    2. Swablu by Liam

    Pre Legend Tracker Wages:


    Paid: 9k
    1. Reaching for These Stars by Sou
    2. Klefki's Very Merry Christmas by Sou

    Paid: 9k
    1. A Very Buneary Morning by Sou Cleife
    2. Chillin in the Savanna by Sou Cleife

    Paid: 4k
    1. Slowpoke's Christmas Party by Elrond 2.0

    Paid: 18k
    1. Poliwag by Elrond 2.0
    2. Still Life by Elrond 2.0
    3. Bunnelby by Elrond 2.0
    4. Ghastly by Elrond 2.0

    Paid: 15k
    1. Just Chillin' by Speed-X
    2. [email protected]$$ Weavile by Speed-X
    3. Azurill by Elrond 2.0
    4. Fletchling by Elrond 2.0

    Paid: 15k
    1. Can I Borrow a Coat? by EmpireCrusher203
    2. Douglass by JokesterJesse
    3. Blank in the Deep Sea by Siless

    Paid: 10k
    1. Scyther by Gun6
    2. Magikarp by Ace Trainer Liam

    Paid: 35k
    1. Lightning Queen by Velocity
    2. Reaching for the Crimson Star by Swiftgallade46
    3. DIS IS CUTE...I THINK by Swiftgallade46
    4. Pumpkaboo by Gun6
    5. Shoot for the Moon by Sky Lark
    6. FatBat by Princess Crow

    3/3-4/28: 10k
    1. Inkay Underwater by Felly
    2. Sewaddle by Raveg64

    2/4-3/2: 3.5k
    1. Partings by Axion

    11/9-12/3: 7k
    1. Temple Runner and Momma? by Axion

    8/26-9/29: 3k
    1. An Ancient Encounter by Axion

    7/19-8/25: 11k
    1. Harry Potter and the Alternate Universe by Emma
    2. Hiding in Plain Sight by Axion

    5/10-6/17: 7k
    1. Gearhead Artwork by Axion

    Total Wages: ​200k
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    Moving my log thread to PWN to help Felly in taking over!

    Unpaid: (0)

    Paid: (100)

    Wintervines (6)
    Wintervine's Roggenrola
    Wintervine's Deerling (x2)
    Wintervine's Woobat
    Wintervine's Blitzle (x2)

    Kanga (1)
    Kanga's Skitty

    Embreon (1)
    Embreon's Mankey

    GunGun6 (11)
    Gun6's Litwick (x2)
    Gun6's Ekans
    Gun6's Mankey
    Gun6's Pancham (x2)
    Gun6's Bunnelby
    Gun6's Scatterbug
    Gun6's Weedle
    Gun6's Surskit
    Gun6's Dedenne

    Zoned (3)
    Zoned's Nidoran
    Zoned's Vanillite (x2)

    Sky Lark (13)
    Sky Lark's Nidoran
    Sky Lark's Paras
    Sky Larks Vulpix (x2)
    Sky Lark's Poliwag
    Sky Lark's Nidoran
    Lark's Sewaddle
    Sky Lark's Sctterbug
    Lark's Espurr (x2)
    Sky Lark's Espurr - Re-curation
    Sky Lark's OTHER Espurr - Re-curation
    Sky Lark's Buneary

    Dakhem Uaid (7)
    Dakhem Uaid's Magikarp
    Dakhem Uaid's Hoppip
    Dakhem Uaid's Wurmple
    Protobabe's Carvanha (x2)
    Dakhem's Gulpin (x2)

    SwiftGallade (2)
    SwiftGallade's Wynaut
    SwiftGallade's Budew

    Smores/Elamite (2)
    Elamite's Natu (x2)

    Ace Trainer Liam (4)
    Ace Trainer Liam's Slowpoke (x2)
    Ace Trainer Liam's Slowpokes (x2) Re-Curation

    Eclipsi (1)
    Eclipsi's Diglett

    Blue Sky Ravine (1)
    BlueSkyRavine's Sandshrew

    Princess Crow (1)
    Princess Crow's Tentacool

    BulbaTurtwig (1)
    Turtwig's Unown

    Elysia (6)
    Elysia's Cubone (x2)
    Elysia's Poliwag
    Elysia's Helioptile (x2)
    Elysia's Taillow

    GWRando (14)
    GWrando's Hoothoot
    GWrando's Magikarp
    GWrando's Caterpie
    GWRando's Voltorb (x2)
    GWRando's Weedle
    GWRando's Roggenrola
    GWRando's Azurill
    GWRando's Kricketot
    GWRando's Ekans
    GWRando's Pichu
    GWRando's Voltorb (x2) Re-Curation
    GWRando's Azurill Re-Curation

    KnittyDragon (2)
    KnittyDragon's Poliwag
    Knittydragon's Zorua

    RockinCrockodile (2)
    Rockin Crocodile's Magikarp
    Rockin Crocodile's Hoothoot

    Eska (2)
    Eska's Shellder (x2)

    Redshift (2)
    Redshift's Shinx
    Redshift's Sphinx (Regrade)

    Dalek (2)
    Dalek's Feebas (x2)

    Andarene (1)
    Andarene's Abra

    Felly (1)
    Felly's Numel

    Monbrey (1)
    Monbrey's Riolu

    Protobabe (1)
    Protobabe's Combee

    Sudowooper (1)
    Sudowooper's Diglett

    Ayotui (1)
    Ayo's Helioptile

    Starry (1)
    Starry's Fletchling

    Synthesis (1)
    Syn's Venipede

    Itchy (1)
    Ichy's Litwick

    EmpireCrusher (2)
    EmpireCrusher203's Wurmple
    EpireCrusher203's Bulbasaur

    Oshawott2003's Lotad

    Feather (1)
    Feather's Buizel

    Shock3600 (1)
    Shock3600's Noibat

    Mlouden (1)
    Mlouden's Magikrap

    NexandGBX (1)
    NexandGBX's Grimer

    Total Earnings: 315,750
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    Sou's Curator Log - Pwn Edition (moving here)
    -For all the pieces I've graded


    Date: 08/17/15
    Illustrator: Elrond
    Pokemon Attempted: Foongus
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: 45/45 (caught)
    Note: Did not meet July Theme

    Date: 08/25/15
    Illustrator: Elrond
    Pokemon Attempted: Flabebe
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: 35/45 (not caught)
    Note: Met July Theme

    Date: 09/08/15
    Illustrator: Dash
    Pokemon Attempted: Pidgey
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score: 35/35 (caught)
    Note: None

    Date: 09/08/15
    Illustrator: Elrond
    Pokemon Attempted: Whismur
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score: 30/35 (not caught)
    Note: Met August theme

    Date: 11/29/15
    Illustrator: Ace Trainer Liam
    Pokemon Attempted: Clamperl
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: Met November Theme

    Date: 12/03/15
    Illustrator: Wintervines
    Pokemon Attempted: Togepi
    Difficulty: Hard
    Score: 57/55

    Date: 12/03/15
    Illustrator: WinterVines
    Pokemon Attempted: Scatterbug
    Difficulty: Easiest
    Score: 25/25

    Date: 12/09/15
    Illustrator: Elrond
    Pokemon Attempted: Caterpie
    Difficulty: Easiest
    Score: 30/25

    Date: 12/9/15
    Illustrator: Elrond
    Pokemon Attempted: Venipede
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score: 12/35

    Date: 04/29/16
    Illustrator: Wizzrobe
    Pokemon Attempted: Budew
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score: 35/35

    Date: 05/13/16
    Illustrator: WinterVines
    Pokemon Attempted: Cottonee
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: 50/45

    Date: 05/13/16
    Illustrator: Sheneli
    Pokemon Attempted: Caterpie
    Difficulty: Easiest
    Score: 25/25
    Note:Theme completed.

    Date: 06/10/16
    Illustrator: LowlyHumanCub
    Pokemon Attempted: Meowth
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: 35/45
    Note: Theme completed

    Date: 06/13/16
    Illustrator: Morru
    Pokemon Attempted: Skrelp
    Difficulty: Hard
    Score: 48/55

    Date: 07/19/16
    Illustrator: Morru
    Pokemon Attempted: Fletchling
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: 45/45

    Date: 11/11/16
    Illustrator: EmBreon
    Pokemon Attempted: Koffing
    Difficulty: Medium
    Score: 45/45

    Date: 11/11/16
    Illustrator: EmBreon
    Pokemon Attempted: Larvesta
    Difficulty: Demanding
    Score: 75/75

    Date: 01/06/17
    Illustrator: Embreon
    Pokemon Attempted: Drifblim
    Difficulty: Complex
    Score: 67/65

    Date: 01/06/17
    Illustrator: Juliorain
    Pokemon Attempted: Grubbin
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score: 25/35

    Date: 07/27/17
    Illustrator: Embreon
    Pokemon Attempted: Lycanroc
    Difficulty: Complex
    Score: 67/65

    Date: 07/27/17
    Illustrator: Dash
    Pokemon Attempted: Poliwag
    Difficulty: Simple
    Score: 40/35

    Date: 08/24/17
    Illustrator: K'sariya
    Pokemon Attempted: Ferroseed
    Difficulty: Hard
    Score: 55/55

    Date: 08/25/17
    Illustrator: Elysia
    Pokemon Attempted: Lapras
    Difficulty: Complex
    Score: 45/65


    Date: 10/27/17
    Illustrator: Velojello
    Pokemon Attempted: Heliolisk
    Difficulty: Demanding
    Score: Pass

    Date: 11/02/17
    Illustrator: Mistral
    Pokemon Attempted: Litwick - Cash
    Difficulty: Easiest
    Score: Pass

    Pokemon Attempted:

    Legend Tracker:

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    Blog Entries


    Morru's Curator Log
    (Moved from BMG on May 2, 2016)



    December 24, 2017
    Lychee's Untitled

    Legend Tracker:
    I have a more comprehensive Legend Tracker thread in my stats, which you can see below:
    Morru's Legend Tracker Thread

    Running total: $80,500/$500,00

    May 9, 2016 - $21,500
    *Note: $3,000 from curating ayo's Magikarp doesn't count since it was done back in 2014, but only got paid till the above date.

    June 26, 2016 - $27,500

    December 2, 2016 - $31,500
    *Note: I got an extra $25,500 because of Curator wage adjustments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmBreon View Post
    Moving this here from BMG. D:<
    Same tbh. Moving from BMG, since I seemed to not realize this one was here when I first made mine!

    Super Nike the Arcanine by Liam
    Magnemite by CowboyJake

    total wages: $123,000 (24.6%)
    Lapras at Sunset by Mistral
    An Egg-sellent Recovery by Juliorain
    Mow Day by GhostlyGlaceon
    Moonlit Doduo by GhostlyGlaceon
    Goldeen by Elysia
    My Neighbor Charjabus by Elysia
    Treecko and Trainer by Truly
    Blue Bubbles by Morru
    Frolicking Grass Types by Lychee
    Spring! by Lychee
    Sylveon Kandi by Lychee
    Tentacool by Mistral
    Woobat by Mistral
    Dratini the Dreamer by Mistral
    Sewaddle by Truly
    ICEEE PAWNCHHH by Elysia
    A Vulpix in Lanakila's Icy Cave by Juliorain
    Wishiwashi by W32Coravint
    Cleffa the Star by Mistral
    Field of Bellsprout by Mistral
    The Live Lilypad by Mistral
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    I needed a new one!


    WAGES: $33,000; $29,000; $16,000; $32,000 ($16,000 for legend tracker purposes)

    Mistral's Zubat (cash).
    Liam's Pichu.

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