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Thread: Main RP: Mount Deckbi

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    "Calm down, Pressie, we're almost there," Algar cooed, sweating as he climbed up the particularly steep hill. On his shoulder, Pressie was ruffling her feathers and causing a fuss, visibly upset at the change in temperatures and humidity; it was sticking her feathers and making her uncomfortable, and Pressie was never one for suffering on her own. Algar very nearly got a face full of black feathers as he made it to the top of the hill, and if he hadn't caught his balance he'd be showing up to meet Babbs with a broken arm. He caught his breath, sighing to himself as Pressie kept fussing on his shoulder, and then stepped out on the path and stretched.

    After a few hours in the woods near Mount Deckbi, even the humid air felt good to Algar. He'd been too excited to head out on another Park run, and decided to show up and loiter around the park until the meeting time arrived. While normal people would've thus shown up early, Algar glanced at his watch to find out he was already 5 minutes late. He'd gotten lost while wandering around; he was trying to avoid Pokemon, since he didn't want anyone to think he was poaching or anything, and completely lost track of time. But who wouldn't be excited? Not only was he going into the Park with Babbs again, and eager to catch new Pokemon, but he'd also signed up to be matched with a random Trainer partner as well. The small scrap of paper Algar grabbed before heading out told him that the Trainer's name was Evan, which seemed normal enough, and Algar was excited to see what kind of Pokemon his counterpart would bring. He hoped he had enough items for the both of them too; best make a good impression on his new (hopefully) friend!

    Algar recalled Pressie into her Pokeball, something he figured she'd be happy about, and then took off at a jog down the path towards the meeting spot. He hoped he'd be the first there, despite his tardiness, and that at the very least he wouldn't be seen running late by Babbs, but it was not to be. He saw her, leaning on her cane and waiting in the exact spot he was to meet them in, and sauntered over to her as if he was in trouble. "Hey Babbs, good to see ya. Sorry I'm so late," he said, with a glance at his watch again telling him he was around 10 minutes late. "I've gotten stronger since we last met, I promise! Thanks for agreeing to take me back in, I'll do better this time!" And then, he plopped to the ground, criss-cross-applesauce, waiting for the other Trainer to arrive.
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    The pair doesn't wait long at all before they see a brightly-colored speck in the sky. It seems to be coming from roughly the direction of the ranger outpost, curving somewhat as it approaches the slopes of the mountain. As it punches through a low-hanging cloud, it's more clear that it's a large orange Pokemon with impossibly small blue wings. It begins to spiral as it descends and more details become visible. It has a cream-colored underbelly, a pair of stubby antennae, a large tail and a figure in a dark gray cloak on its back. It finally spots the pair and dives, swooping in to a gentle landing before them.

    The figure on its back disentangles itself from a cord and leather harness, then slides down the Dragonite's flank. Under the cloak is a young man with tousled blonde hair and an infectious smile, cargo pants and a tan vest festooned with pockets. "Sorry I'm late, we took a wrong turn at that creepy mansion and had to double back. Some friendly Talonflame pointed us in the right direction, though." Pulling an apple from a bulging belt pouch, he handed it to the Dragonite with a quiet thanks and pat on its large arm.

    Turning back to the pair, he strode forward and offered a hand. "I'm Evan, pleased to meet you!" As he gets closer you can make out more of his outfit - dark colors, heavy boots, and pinned to his collar is a lacquered pin of a stylized red letter R.
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    They're late.

    Does Babbs care that much? No, not really. But does it give her a good way to heckle her two charges on this new adventure? Oh, boy, does it ever. Babbs suppresses the smirk that tempts her features as she waits, patiently. Algar, especially, would be a prime target for this one. The thought is enriched further as she sees the boy appear on the hilly slope in the distance, frolicking down in an even jog. Babbs puts on her best mildly-annoyed face as he approaches: raised left brow, slightly twisted lips, flabby jowls drawn a little taut. The way he approaches her like a child prepared for a scolding almost seals the deal for her, nearly breaking her facade, but she maintains it as he apologizes, and cheerily promises to do better.

    "You should be ashamed, lad," she chastises him lightly, "We could have had another one of your five-minute runs in the time I was waiting for ya'. I don't get those minutes back, y'know?" But as soon as she looks at him plopping down into a criss-cross sit, she can't maintain the grumpy act any longer, and instead her features break out into a good-natured grin. Blue eyes crinkle with the width of her smile. "Just joshin' ya', Algar, good to see ya'."

    A bulky figure breaking through the clouds up above catches her attention. She watches the speck grow in the overcast sky, spiraling down until she recognizes the telltale heft of a Dragonite. The rider dismounts as they land, pulling back a cloak to reveal the blonde hair she'd been advised to be on the lookout for. Babbs gives a smirk as he comments on the Ruined Manor and the friendly messenger Talonflame--that one was always her favorite, too.

    Both sets of knobby fingers reach out to accept the offered hand for shaking, clasping around both sides with the near-crushing force of a mighty powerful handshake. She shakes up and a down a few times before releasing, smiling. "Howdy, Evan. The name's Babbs, and it's a pleasure!" It's only then that her eyes fall on the tiny red pin on his collar, and while mild recognition registers on her features, the rest lays hidden below--caution. Even the recognition is brief as she whirls back to look at the mountain, and at the dark clouds that hide its peak.

    Her backpack, almost larger than herself, swings off her back. It only takes a couple of minutes of rummaging before she procures three folded garments of rubbery material. She sets aside the yellow, and hands the green to Algar and the orange to Evan. "Keep these handy in case it rains." If she were here on her own, she'd be wearing more muted colors--things that would blend in, allow them to move stealthily. But Deckbi often became dangerous in the rain. Without the roots of foliage to hold the ground together in the higher regions, sudden rain often meant unpredictable landslides, and she wanted to make sure they were highly visible in the case of an accident.

    "Keep a Pokemon out, and we'll start headin' up. We'll be taking the usual path up today, though we may take some detours into the caves if the rain gets the best of us." She begins shuffling along the dusty earth toward the path that snakes up the slopes.

    Encounter Stats:
    none yet!

    Trainer Stats:
    Algar and Evan at Mt. Deckbi!
    Remaining Encounters:
    Environment: Overcast, looks like it'll rain.
    Pokemon Encountered: none yet!
    Pokemon Captured: none yet!

    Gold/Algar's Items: Digital Camera, Apricorn Box, Park Balls (x5), Super Balls (x3), Hyper Balls (x2), Honey (x20), Type Repellent (x1), Lava Cookies (x2), Energy Powders (x3), Energy Powder+ (x3), Revival Herb (x2), Drilbur Voice Disc, Lycanroc-Midnight Bellow Disk

    Evan's Items: Digital Camera, Apricorn Box, Park Ball (x5), Super Ball (x3), Hyper Ball (x2), Lava Cookie (x2), Energy Powder (x3), Energy Powder Plus (x1), Revival Herb (x2)

    Gold/Algar's CC: 2,484 characters (2,484 characters total)
    Evan's CC: 1,393 characters (1,393 characters total)

    Gold's Pokemon Stats:

    Pressie / Murkrow / Naughty / F / Prankster
    Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Detect, Hidden Power Fighting, Icy Wind, Psychic, Psych Up, Roost, Shadow Ball, Substitute, Thunder Wave, Toxic, Brave Bird, Feather Dance, Swagger, Mirror Move, Perish Song, Psycho Shift, Whirlwind, Heat Wave, Protect, Ominous Wind, Thief, Mimic, Curse, Defog, Fly, Attract, Confuse Ray, Snatch, Quick Attack

    Willow / Ninetales-Alolan / Jolly / F / Snow Warning
    Agility, Encore, Freeze-Dry, Moonblast, Aurora Veil, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Dream Eater, Frost Breath, Hidden Power Fire, Protect, Substitute, Psych Up, Psyshock, Round, Aqua Tail, Foul Play, Heal Bell, Iron Tail, Pain Split, Zen Headbutt, Hypnosis

    Virgo / Starmie / Hardy / G / Natural Cure
    Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Hidden Power Fire, Ice Beam, Thunder Wave, Pain Split, Thunderbolt, Psyshock, Trick Room, Grass Knot, Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, Icy Wind, Toxic, Tri-Attack

    Evan's Pokemon Stats:

    Aran / Gengar / Calm / M / Levitate
    Shadow Claw, Protect, Taunt, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Haze, Sunny Day, Will-O-Wisp, Icy Wind, Pain Split, Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power (Fire), Psychic, Mimic, Substitute, Rain Dance, Explosion, Thief, Snatch, Psych Up, Rock Smash, Ominous Wind, Giga Drain

    Dragonite / Jolly / M / Multiscale
    Surf, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Dive, Rock Smash, Extremespeed, Defog, Fly, Heal Bell

    Breakwater / Blastoise / Jolly / M / Torrent
    Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Brick Break, Dive, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Aqua Ring, Aqua Jet

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