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Thread: Park Mastery Bulletin Board - Claim Your Mastery Here!

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    Default Park Mastery Bulletin Board - Claim Your Mastery Here!

    Mastery Bulletin Board

    Wanna know who's the best of the best in which areas of the Park? Find out here, at the Park Mastery Bulletin Board! Want to learn more about the Park Mastery system? Check out the "Park Mastery" section in the Park Encyclopedia!

    Bulletin Board Rules

    • Only post here when you have attained the Rank 1, Rank 2, or Rank 3 mastery on a character. For tracking things like the 1st and 4th runs in an area, use your Trainer sign up!
    • You must post here and have your post approved by a Ranger for your mastery to count and be applied on Runs.
    • Mastery in a certain area only applies per-character, and cannot be transferred between characters.
    • Enigma Ruins is special when it comes to Mastery. For Enigma Ruins runs, you may claim Mastery in one area that you completed an encounter in, at your Ranger's discretion. Please check with your Ranger (or, if your Ranger is unreachable, a Head Ranger) on which Enigma Ruins Mastery you have the option of claiming.
    • For rules on claiming mastery from before August 2018, check out the "Park Mastery" section in the Park Encyclopedia!

    Mastery Ranks
    Here's a reminder of the mastery ranks you can currently earn, and the requirements to earn them!
    • Rank 1 (2 runs): You’re more familiar with the area’s locale and the creatures in it, so you know exactly the right time and place to use a voice disc in order to lure a Pokemon. You get a 15% bonus to voice discs that you use in that area.
    • Rank 2 (3 runs): Familiar with the Pokemon of the area, you get a 10% capture bonus on all of your captures in that area once you meet that Pokemon’s MCR.
    • Rank 3 (5 runs): You may choose to increase your likelihood of rolling a rank of your choice by ~5% at the beginning of each run.

    Posting to Claim:
    To claim your mastery, fill out the below form for each character you have with mastery:

    HTML Code:
    [b]Character Name:[/b] [url=LINK TO CHARACTER SIGN UP HERE](character name goes here)[/url]
    (for each different Park area of mastery:)
    [b]Mastery Area:[/b] (the Park location where you completed a run. Mt. Deckbi, The Woods, etc.)
    [b]Proof:[/b] (link each run that contributes to mastery. For old runs where you claim multiple mastery for every five non-Pokedoll encounters, link to the post that contains every 5th encounter for ease)
    A Ranger will approve your mastery, and a Head Ranger will add you to the bulletin board in this post! For newly-completed runs, please try to have your Mastery approved by a Head Ranger or the Rangers that took you. If they are unavailable, please contact another Ranger!

    The Bulletin Board
    Great Lakes:
    • none yet!

    Sandy Beach:
    • none yet!

    The Woods:
    • none yet!

    Mt. Deckbi:
    • none yet!

    Botanical Gardens:
    • none yet!

    Wildflower Prairie:
    • none yet!

    Abandoned Power Plant:
    • none yet!

    Mt. Oktori:
    • none yet!

    Meteor Valley:
    • none yet!

    Ruined Palace:
    • none yet!
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