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Thread: Inktober 2018 - A Sketchbook Event!

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    Default Inktober 2018 - A Sketchbook Event!

    Inktober Sketchbooks!

    October has come around once more, and with it, the popular art community event, Inktober! This year, URPG will be taking part in Inktober in its own way!

    Whether you're an experienced artist, or someone just nervous to try it out, this event is for you! Sketchbooks are meant for you to practice without pressure or judgement. It doesn't take fancy supplies or some inherent "talent" to do art. Like any other type of skill, art just takes practice, which means that you can do it, too! It's also a great way to regularly make a small bit of URPG $$ per month. Get started with your Sketchbook here if you haven't already!

    Inktober is an event that's popular in the art community! The way that Inktober works is that for every day of October, there is a different prompt that you can draw to fulfill.

    The only rules of our Inktober? Well, there are very few, and they're incredibly simple!:
    1. Inktober sketches must be done in some sort of ink, such as pen!
    2. Sketches must still be Pokemon-related!
    3. Have fun! This one is the most important. Inktober is a chance for you to have fun and grow as an artist, so don't stress over not making a certain day.

    October’s sketchbook prompts this month will be shifted instead to Inktober’s official prompts. As usual, you can post once per day in your sketchbook. At the end of the month, for each prompt you did that matches that day’s Inktober prompt, you’ll receive an additional $250 on top of a sketch's usual pay! You will also receive all of the usual bonuses for streaks and completing a full month. Non-Inktober sketches will be paid as usual.

    Here are the sketchbook prompts for each day of this month:
    1 - Poisonous
    2 - Tranquil
    3 - Roasted
    4 - Spell
    5 - Chicken
    6 - Drooling
    7 - Exhausted
    8 - Star
    9 - Precious
    10 - Flowing
    11 - Cruel
    12 - Whale
    13 - Guarded
    14 - Clock
    15 - Weak
    16 - Angular
    17 - Swollen
    18 - Bottle
    19 - Scorched
    20 - Breakable
    21 - Drain
    22 - Expensive
    23 - Muddy
    24 - Chop
    25 - Prickly
    26 - Stretch
    27 - Thunder
    28 - Gift
    29 - Double
    30 - Jolt
    31 - Slice

    Remember--try your best and have fun!
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