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Thread: Ori's Cash Art

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Hi Oribhel, this piece is good, have money

    Oh it doesn't work that way, ok, lets get in more depth without being in-depth amirite

    You did a good:
    -the colors are pristine, and the anatomy is nearly flawless. I too wanna ride on the back of a Hydreigon, take me with you.
    -expressions on Diana and Rahel are exquisite af; I also really like how the emotion is that they're being lifted up and going on a flight, you came across really well with that emotion.
    -Shading and filling are divine
    -zomg Hydreigon's main head hair is amazing can you teach me to draw like this
    -Hydreigon's face is just so good, I'm drawn to it constantly and I love the detail in the head shape and body shape

    You could do a better good:
    -Rahel's hand looks like the open space between hydreigon's heads, and is slightly amorphous; making it look more like a hand would be good.
    -I dunno if you went for the vibe, but this feels like taking off at Pokemon league; the background isn't much though, and expanding on it would earn even more monies.
    -Rahel's ponytail isn't nearly as clean as the rest of the piece, and ends up sticking out a lot and distracting from big boi taking off.

    Dis a Hard (20k), easily fren. Bring me with you on your next journey, and godspeed on your Eevee quest. Say hi to Diana for me!
    Tyyy claiming $20,000! Definitely got a tired with the background & everything so it's kinda sloppy everywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by oribhel View Post
    mass evo day (congrats to Omicron, Roland, Bismarck, & Pazolite :sparkle:)
    Grade Request: Concise

    full res:
    Feeling the Concise Curation spirit this Tuesday morning. Claim!

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