It's finally here!

For the last couple of weeks, Rangers have been working with the community to come up with a comprehensive Park Rework. With this rework, we're hoping to address some of the common problems that lead to run and Ranger burnout, as well as make the National Park more viable as a source of income!

A massive thanks goes to the community for these changes--without conversations with everyone, this could have never happened!

The full document detailing the rework can be found here!

Almost all media on the Infohub should now be updated to reflect these changes. The only things that may lag behind are the Ultradex pages and the Park Capture Calculator--Elrond is writing a script to easily make these changes in the Ultradex, and will be uploading the updated calculator soon! A rewrite of the Ranger Quiz (and behind the scenes, the Test!) very soon!

If you see any outdated information, please drop a message in the #national-park channel on Discord, or shoot me a private message!

Also being released with this rework is the new Befriending system--take a look in the "Befriending" section of the Park Encyclopedia to see the full details of the reworked system!

Again, thank you all so much--we wouldn't have been able to do it without you! Get out there and enjoy the new Park!