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    Default REDUX

    Repost without aggression.

    I have been caught in the middle since day one, because I foolishly put myself there.

    I will remain in the middle because these people that everyone seems to hate have good in them. I mean that for both sides. They are ALL great fantastic people. Anyone who says otherwise is being dumb.

    Everyone fucked up. Everyone.

    I lost sleep because of that, many others did too. Many others drank, many others just drove themselves into the ground.

    I know this whole thing is over and done with, but please, open your hearts and understand that people are learning from their actions.

    I want a place where Elysia and Smiles COULD return to URPG if they wished and not be met with judgmental eyes.

    Maybe we won't ever get there. I seriously doubt it. But I won't stop loving. I won't stop being hurt by this for as long as Weir is a "manipulative monster" or Elysia and Smiles are "snakes."

    You don't have to like them, but create an environment where we can URPG in peace and not worry about shitty drama that follows us outside of the internet. Make a place where everyone not just is welcome, but FEELS welcome. Escapism is real, and it is vicious, and we have to learn to live with it. So think before you send that message, think before you take action. There's people on the other side of that screen. Internet101.

    Thanks URPG. I will surprised if this thread isn't taken down or locked within the hour. DM me on Discord if you have thoughts and don't/can't share here. Jackplz#0777

    I left URPG because I couldn't take it anymore. I don't defend Weir and co because I think what they did wasn't deplorable. I defend them because the internet and escapism are volatile. Without escapism, Adamantine wouldn't exist. Monbrey wouldn't have had the guts to say what he did. The zoo wouldn't have turned into a circlejerk. I wouldn't be here soapboxing like I said something worth reading. I wouldn't be pouring my emotions out into a computer screen at Eleven o'clock at night.

    I don't think I'm right, if I'm being honest, I'm just fatigued and feel trapped and unsure what to do about it all.

    I'll see ya'll around to do some trades and gift stations as I wrap URPG up. Otherwise, I'm out.

    Take care of yourselves.
    "Take Care of Yourself"

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    Thanks, Jack! Thank you for all you have done, and good luck on your future endeavors!

    If anyone wants to check out my entire stance on this issue, I refer them to here.
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