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Thread: Closing of Onmyo: Explanations, Refunds, and More

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    Default Closing of Onmyo: Explanations, Refunds, and More

    Sorry it's taken a while for me to post this. I first needed staff's okay on it, and then there were forum issues, but then mostly me being busy and not getting to it lol

    Anyway, Onmyo will be closing for good. Thanks to everyone who put in time and effort into the section to help it off its feet and believed in its possibility as an RP subsection.

    Its idea to be a realistic, fuller fledged, and continuous RP where players could interact and litereally change the world around them, and of this being the RP most of us thought URPG was going to be when we joined was something that really got me to stay and be active. The idea where someone could use Eruption in the Volcano Kua and actually cause an eruption and have players in other Kuas experience ash raining from above was cool, or how if someone joined the mercenaries in the Plains Kua, they'd be held partially responsible for when those mercenaries caused discord around Onmyo.

    But without a dedicated team, namely the ones who started it all, to be around and help the section out, it could not thrive. Out of the four who fully fledged out this section and created the details and all that went into it, I was the only one who remained. I wasn't even around in it's most earliest days, but those were not the best (as most of you know anyway), but once I heard about it I jumped on eagerly.

    So when it was just me, I thought initially that I could run it by giving out more and more details about the Kuas and then of the Shi leaders, and eventually I was going to expunged the whole main plot to everyone. But by then it was too late it my eyes. I'm getting busier and busier and there didn't seem like there was anyone to really take over the section. I wouldn't have been sure whomever would take over would have the same idea and vision of Onmyo as I, or Smiles, Ely, or Nits did, and I didn't think it proper for it to become something else. This is the reason why it's closing.

    Before I get to the refunds and all the thanks, I do want to at least let everyone in on what the main, overarching plot was going to be. To those unfamiliar with Onmyo, it had 8 Kuas, or different regions classified by their traits where one could find namely grass/bug/poison mons, or fire/poison/steel. These different Kuas had geological traits that made them distinct as well: high rocky cliffs with many waterfalls falling into deltas and swamps then to a rough seashore (Squall Kua), or massive, rolling plains with desserts, grassy steppes, baobab trees and a massive, booming city (Plains Kua). Each Kua had a Shi who was their leader, usually enigmatic, inspirational, outrageous, or mysterious.

    So the idea after a while became that each Kua was to represent a different section of the URPG. Volcano --> Battles, with a lot of activity and most innovations coming from here, Plains --> Contests, coming from a quiet land with tons of opportunities where a major metropolis quickly sprung up almost overnight. Vale --> Park, once vibrant with culture and activity, now a spiritual and almost desolate place (this was before the wormhole event and the changes Felly and Sari made). And Storm --> Onmyo, a rising star, ambitious and strong, a land with mighty mountains and leaders that seek expansion (to some; I will explain further below). Squall was General, Chasm was Art, Heaven was AH, and Valley was Stories.

    Then as I was given Onmyo from Nitro (who got it after Ely left) Ely messaged me and told me what the overarching plot as going to be and what everything meant.

    The Shi were characterized off of ourselves and others. Volcano's Shi was Monbrey: a passionate, natural leader; a bit egotistical if not also somewhat self-destructive. Vale's was WinterVines: a once strong leader now lost in obscurity; people unsure if she was still around because she had seemingly disappeared. Storm's Shi was Elysia: ambitious, intelligent, but left and disappeared as the Storm Kua was rising. Plains --> Ash, Chasm --> Sou, Heaven --> Smiles, Squall --> Nitro, and Valley --> ??? (I forget who Valley was suppose to be, it may have been Harry).

    Lastly, the mercenaries from the Plains Kua were to represent the Zoo.

    The plot was essentially going to be URPG from that earlier year up unto the time Ely left (or just around that time): the disappearance of the Vale Kua's Shi (Winter) made some uneasy-- some, not most. Some areas and leaders were getting anxious (Vale Kua and Volcano's Shi, i.e. Park and Monbrey) as the Storm Kua (Onmyo) rose in power. Then as tensions were high, the mercenaries from the Plains Kua were to assassinate the Vale Kua's Shi and attempt assassinations in the Storm Kua while tallying favor and getting endorsements in the Squall. The Storm Kua would retaliate and invade the Plains Kua to attack the mercenaries while also invading the Vale with the help from Heaven and the Valley. From there Onmyo would be set in a war and the plot was to carry itself out with how the players sought fit.

    It was essentially attempting to be what Game of Thrones is to the War of the Roses, but less complicated and with Pokémon. There would be new characters who were involved in the assassination from the Vale itself that would end up being effective leaders, and others involved that were from the Storm Kua that did not make it out in the end. It made for a good plot and story that players could get in on and effect change if they wanted or not, but the aftereffect of the actual issue left Onmyo with not much in running it or much activity.

    So, to the end of Onmyo. Bye pal.

    It has been approved that anyone who purchased anything at the Berry Grove (Onmyo's Store) that they can post for a full refund of their purchases. Simply quote your purchase post and add it back to your current $$.

    Anyone who made a character, especially those who were in a quest, may claim one Simple ranked mon as a thanks for trying out this section and giving it the activity you did.

    Anyone currently in the middle of a capture quest may claim the mon they are attempting to capture instead of the Simple ranked mon if they wish. So if you're attempting to capture an Exeggcute you may claim that instead of a simple -- or you may claim a simple mon like a Zigzagoon instead of the Exeggcute.

    Anyone who rolled an Onmyo exclusive item in the Invitational may refund that for another roll. This does not mean if you landed on an Onmyo spot, however. If you landed on an Onmyo spot and got an HM or an Apricorn, those are not Onmyo exclusive so you have to keep those. Those like Rotoboosts are Onmyo exclusive. And this does apply to both our two previous invitationals since Onmyo hasn't even been around a year.

    Thanks all, it was good here and there and for some of it, lol. It had a lot of potential, but unfortunately could not make it.

    Lastly I don't want the Exeggcute I'm going for in my capture quest, I want a Zigzagoon, so claiming Scampers the Zigzagoon.

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    Thanks, Liam! Thank you for all you have done, and good luck on your future endeavors!

    If anyone feels helpless, traumatized, or uncomfortable by the details within this thread, I urge you to feel free to contact me or a URPG Moderator/Official and talk about it. I'm always around to listen and help, anytime.

    claiming Taillow for my brief stint into Onmyo.

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    I'll be claiming a Bidoof.

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    So, uhh...


    That was interesting. Sucks I couldn't help out more.

    So, 3,000 from importing Leafeon refunded, plus... I'll take a Pichu for the Simple mon.

    So long, concepts.

    (Now where am I going to be able to actually RP with my Minecraft mod ripoff magic systems? Someday...)

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    Locking this thread, because it's pretty clear it's just going to get more toxic.

    Not going to leave folks hanging who need to claim Pokemon, but it'll take a bit. Please stand by.

    If things need to get aired, we're going to do it in a more constructive format.

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    As a general notice, staff has deleted non-claim posts in this thread.

    One of the things that staff has been working toward in the community is open communication, but we want that communication to be as constructive as possible. We understand that this is a game, but we also understand that people have formed communities here--communities that matter and come with very real and valid emotions. However, these emotions do not excuse personal attacks and cruel remarks.

    We do not want people to feel like they cannot discuss these emotionally stressful things out in the open--it is perfectly reasonable to do so--but we do want to encourage civil discussion about these things
    , as difficult as it can be. Any further personal attacks or similar toxic posts will be deleted.

    As always we encourage open, constructive communication between members and criticism provided with good intentions at heart.

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