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Thread: Summer Writing Contest 2018

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    Default Summer Writing Contest 2018

    Summer Writing Competition – 2018

    Stay cool! It’s a hot one out there!

    But not too cool, ‘cause it’s time for SWC~


    • You may submit a story until August 24th 2018, at 11:59 P.M. PST. Any story submitted for grading after this time frame will be deemed ineligible for this competition. You cannot edit your story after the deadline passes.
    • NEW HOTNESS: You may submit any story submitted for grading at any time since January 16th, 2018!
    • To submit your story, simply post a link to your story here in this thread! A moderator will hide any grades received on that story for the duration of the event. If your story has not yet been graded, please mark it with [SWC] somewhere in the title, or have a moderator do so.
    • You may only submit one story into the SWC.
    • Your entry may be no longer than 150,000 characters.
    • You must be a member of the URPG to participate in SWC. If you're not a member yet, sign up right over here! We'd love to have you in our happy bubbly family!
    • NEW OLD HOTNESS: We have retired our strict graphic content warning for this competition. Please continue to refrain from submitting stories that include extreme violent/sexual content or extreme profanity, remembering that all members of all ages will have to read your story to vote for it.
    • You may submit any URPG story for this contest, including stories written for cash, fourplay, or other non-competitive events like Write-a-Roll.


    • Stories will be voted on in rounds after submissions close. Also, we pay you. We pay you more if you vote often.
    • You must be a member of the URPG to vote. Sign up today to join our lovely community!
    • When voting, vote for your favorite story within the round, not your favorite person. Winners should be selected based upon the quality of their writing, depth of creativity, and amount of work put into the story.
    • If your story is featured in a round, you can still vote without damaging your standing, so don't let that hold you back!
    • When voting, please send me a private message with the stories you liked the best in that round, with +3 being your first pick / favorite and +1 being your third pick. The story that has the highest combined tally in that round will proceed to the finals!
    • Include a two-sentence summary of your story in your private message. For example:

    1. Three Routes Outside Palletown, Kanto - In this shocking thriller, a limitless mom of a ten-year-old Trainer defies the local Officer Jenny's to figure out who murdered her daughter! It's a race across three different towns in the region to trace down exactly what happened, and oh there's a huge Taurus fight in the middle here with some amazing sociohistorical critique to real life places, but the conclusion is that she may never know! + 3 points

    2. Throh: Solrocks Are Us. Our favorite fighting-type Throh, from outer space, is back yet again in this charming sequel! Throh, in a series of uncontested fights with multiple space gods, Throh ends up defeating the League of Justice with an overwhelming victory. He yet again makes it to the top of the Pokemon league, but learns a valuable lesson along the way: it's always been about the people who mattered, and not actually about winning after all! + 2 points

    3. Murder on the S.S. Anne - In this classical murder mystery archetype, our main character, the Duke of Johto,
    ends up at the center of a series of Pokemon faintings aboard the S.S. Anne! He interviews multiple people, including ex-gym leaders, sailors, and the story's internal narrator all to discover that he himself is actually the killer. Quite a thriller indeed! + 1 point

    P R I Z E S

    these will be decided soon! Keep your eyes peeled...


    1. Jag
    2. Marth
    3. Shroomish
    4. Jack of Clovers
    5. Fair
    6. Neo Pikachu
    7. DaRkUmBrEoN
    8. Pokemon Trainer Sarah
    9. Seawolf
    10. DaRkUmBrEoN
    11. Seawolf
    12. Tyranitar_Trainer
    13. Fever
    14. Phantom Kat
    15. Bryce
    16. Sequentio
    17. Kai-Mei
    18. Natorei
    19. Kai-Mei
    20. MagikChicken
    21. EmBreon
    22. Alaskapigeon
    23. ChainReaction01
    24. Smiles
    25. WinterVines
    26. HKim
    27. Elysia
    28. Elrond 2.0
    29. Elysia
    30. Smiles
    31. Elysia


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