Specifically Emerald. When I was messing with action replay codes today, I inserted a code which I thought would force Feebas to appear in the wild while surfing, not fishing, and during the search, I'd only find Tentacool or Wingull. That wasn't good. It was from this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcYSwrw9s5o

They gave the action replay code and I typed that in. I typed in the action replay codes from various sources. I was just trying to get myself to Mirage Island. So yes, I was trying even Yahoo Answers. One thing I noticed though. The IV code didn't work. Now my save file is ruined because I can't deposit or withdraw any Pokemon and now I'm stuck. I have Pokemon Colosseum and XD Pokemon in there because I know I didn't have anything for the Orre Colosseum at level 60 for XD even though they're all at level 100 in here.