The Ekans and It's Tale

Warnings: N/A
Target: Ekans
Rank: Easy (3k-5k) - Invitational 4-play
Character Count: 5,102


Long ago, when men and Pokemon were not so different, and it was not so hard for them to understand one another, a man wandering through the woods came across a beast. It crawled along the ground on it’s belly, and nudged it’s nose morosely through the dirt as it traveled. It slunk past the man and settled on a nearby log, stretching itself out and watching the other beasts of the wood frolicking. Each one seemed to drag a new and heavier sigh from the creature, until at least the man could help it no longer, and went to ask it what was the matter.

“Well, do you not see the other creatures of the forest? How special they are? How unique? They all have something about them that makes them stand out! But I? I have nothing; no limbs to leap high into the air like the Buneary, or wings to carry me above the clouds like a Pidgey, nor even a beautiful pattern for others to look and marvel at like a Butterfree.” The poor creature looked down in defeat, eyes half-lidded and heavy with self pity. “They all have something amazing about them, but I haven’t anything at all to set me apart. I’m just plain old Ekans.”

The statement seemed to be final, and the man felt great pity for the poor beast. Surely Ekans must have something unique about it as well? It didn’t deserve to feel so poorly about itself! The man put a comforting hand on the Pokemon, and did his best to raise it’s spirits.

“Do not be so hard on yourself dear snake, for there must be something about you for others to admire as well! Perhaps you simply haven’t found what that thing is yet? Think on it some, and it will come to you, I’m certain of it!”

Ekans looked a bit more happy after the traveller’s kind encouragement, and gathered its coils a little closer in comfort.

“You really think I have something worthwhile to me?” it asked.

“I know you must”, the man replied. “Now let’s try to think. What things are you good at, friend Ekans? What sorts of things do you like to do?”

The snake Pokemon didn’t seem to have a ready answer for those questions, and took a moment to collect it’s thoughts. This was the first time anyone had asked it questions about itself after all, and it wanted to find something important about itself very much.

“I have many coils.” It finally said, after some time had passed. “And I like to squeeze them very tightly. It’s very useful when I have to catch and eat something, since they cannot get away. Does that count as something special?”

The man considered this reply for a moment, before shaking his head.

“I do not think so, dear Ekans, for I know that there is another Pokemon named Bewear that also catches and squeezes others. It doesn’t have coils but it’s arms crush just the same. It is not so different I think. Do not be discouraged though; see if you can think of something else.”

So Ekans coiled a little tighter, and thought a little harder for a time, before excitedly exclaiming it thought it had something.

“My jaws and fangs! I have a terribly deadly bite! Surely it must be special, that my teeth exude such a potent venom?”

Again the man considered, and once more shook his head.

“Nay, but there is a Pokemon named Seviper, who has fangs thrice as big and twice and venomous. It’s teeth are even colored red because so much venom resides in them. I am sorry but I do not think your bite is what makes you special. Keep trying! You will find something I am sure of it!”

Now totally determined to find something about itself that was one-of-a-kind, the snake coiled as tightly as possibly, and thought the hardest it ever had. It’s scales rubbed against each other as it pulled its body closer, and it’s tail flicked as it concentrated. The sudden rattling noise it produced startled the snake and man alike, and they both looked at Ekans tail in wonder for a moment.

“Why, friend Ekans! What a wonderful gift you have indeed! You’re tail makes such a lovely sound, like an instrument! I have never seen nor heard of another Pokemon or human that could do such a thing as that; a terribly great gift indeed!”

Ekans was overjoyed, and wiggled around happily, now rattling his tail to show off his newly discovered skill. The noise drew the attention of the other creatures of the woods, and soon after, many came to hear the snakes wonderful sound and the music that sprung from his tail. It had found what made it unique at last!

The man, happy to have helped the beast he’d stumbled across, listened to Ekans music for some time. But eventually he needed to return to his travels, and he bid his new friend goodbye. Ekans worried that the man man would not recognize him if ever they were to meet again, but the man only laughed at the idea.

“Now, how should I ever forget such a sound as yours? Rattle your tail whenever I am near, and I will know it is you. Perhaps we will not always be friends, but know I will never forget you or your special trick.”

And so it is, even now when men and Pokemon can no longer understand one another, and the man’s friendship with Ekans has long since been forgotten, mankind still knows when an Ekans draws near by the sound of his rattling tail.