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Thread: Thank You, URPG.

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    Default Thank You, URPG.

    I think something that is an obvious good thing, but not talked about enough is growth. Growth, not only does it raise your Special ATK and ATK by two stages, itís also a good thing for humans too! Sadly, to grow, it can hurt. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Growth also comes in different forms. And this, URPG is how I shall grow. I don't want to get into the hurt, or why it hurts, but I must take this chance. This is my chance to take off and find myself in a way I never thought possible. It is time that I leave URPG to the others. Others who have their hearts truly in the game. Those who want this game to blossom. And as much as I too, want this game to blossom, my heart is elsewhere. Where is it? I do not know, but me leaving is finding that place.

    As much as this post is about me, I donít really want to make it about me, I want to make it about the people who got me here.

    Thank you Weir, for making me get off my butt and do things, and giving me drive to keep on fighting when others didnít have much left.

    Thank you Kísariya for being a great pseudo mom who I could always go to. Also a great roleplay buddy.

    Thank you Mikey for giving me ability to experience both of us dealing with each other on and off for five years.

    Thank you Dash, for always trying to strive for the top, and always wanting to help even when you are at your limit.

    Thank you Gray Nine, for giving me the power to move forward, without it, I donít think Iíd be able to write this.

    Thank you Elrond, for trusting little rookie me with the Stories section.

    Thank you Ash, for all of those battling tips that helped way more than youíd realize.

    Thank you Evan, for giving me sparks of hope in the writing section.

    Thank you Mistral, Felly, whichever you decide, for being strong and unwavering, and showing me how to not let others walk on me.

    Thank you Monbrey, for believing in me when you didnít have to.

    Thank you Liam, for pushing through Onmyo with me, when it was thrust upon us.

    Thank you Smiles, for being a constant line of support, and always being my #1 Fan.

    Thank you Elysia, for always having faith in me to make my own choices. Even if they werenít ones you agreed with.

    Thank you Seppe, for taking the grader test and never grading. But also for being blunt with me when I needed it.

    Thank you Stories section for showing me what I love.

    Thank you to URPG, for turning a skittish kid straight out of High School, uncertain of his life or future, and turning him into someone who can say that he mattered.

    Without this place, I wouldnít have a voice, and without that voice, I wouldnít be here now.

    So thank you, URPG, thank you for changing my life in more ways than I can express.

    Is this goodbye? Sadly, yes.

    Is it permanent? Only time will tell, maybe my heart will bring me back here.

    You are a beautiful spectrum of people, and donít ever forget that. I will love all of you, and my time here always. This was an unforgettable place.

    If you ever need to contact me, Iím on Discord, and my contact info is in my PWN profile.

    Take Care of Yourselves.
    "Take Care of Yourself"

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    You want to see me again, right? In that case, it's not "bai-bai", but "mata-ne".

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