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Thread: Grader Wages 5/3-7/3

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    Default Grader Wages 5/3-7/3

    Small wages this time.

    the 1337-year war - basic - 2,200
    Overall a solid grade! Glad to see that you gave examples for the visual descriptions as to where the writer did it right, and where the writer could do better.

    Sweetly Bouncing Into Trouble - 3,600 - strong basic

    Overall again, great grade. One thing I noticed was how you graded the battle section. "It’d be a little different if the foe were a vastly more powerful one – using a pair of Pokemon against a Legendary one perhaps" While this is a good perspective to tackle it from, maybe another way to nudge the writer could be: "If the Toucannon is this powerful, perhaps choreograph this better so that it doesn't come off like it is a one sided fight." Maybe the writer wants this Toucannon to seem like the difficulty of a legendary! If they do, that's totally okay!

    A Nidoran's Dilemma - 4,160 - strong basic
    I figured you'd waited long enough to get your wages so I went ahead and gave you strong basic, based on how I thought you did. (stating this for this grade, since it was one of my stories.)

    Overall for this wage:9,960

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    Claiming. Thank you!
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