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Thread: URPG Summer Announcement - July 2018

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    Default URPG Summer Announcement - July 2018

    Hello, everyone! Staff here, letting you all know what’s been going on behind the scenes, and what URPG is doing for the summer! We have some big things planned and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

    • Invitational will take place on the 13th of July. This one will be lasting two weeks rather than a single weekend! It will run until Sunday the 29th.
    • We will be doing a profession wage boost during the invitational. Creative profession wages (Grader, Curator, Ranger, and Navigator) will receive a 1.5x boost, while live profession wages (Reffing and Judging) will receive a 1.25x boost. Any uneven money/CC caused by this at the end of wages will have the final wage total rounded up to the nearest $250 to even it out. The bonus portion of the earnings will not count toward legend.
    • We will be trying something new this invitational: a newbie gift station! It will start during the invitational and will end a week or so after invitational.
      • This will be like a regular gift station, but you will only be able to gift to members who joined this July or later.
      • Newbies can instantly claim gifts that they receive.
      • Each newbie can only claim a maximum of 5 gifts.
      • When a newbie claims a gift, the gifter will receive with 1/4th of that Pokemon’s trade value in cash. This trade value is ((median value of the basic Pokemon or Mart value) + (the cost of any EMs or evolution items))*.25. If an item or similar purchase is gifted, they will receive that item’s value multiplied by .25. This can only be claimed when the newbie actually claims the gift.

    Advertising Contest
    To supplement invitational, we are hosting an advertising contest! Advertising for URPG in a variety of ways will unlock rewards not only for yourself, but the entire site! Double exp for basics? More fourplay ‘mons? Park and Onmyo discounts? 1.25x reward money from battles and contests? Here’s our chance to get them! Details for the contest will be posted tomorrow (July 3rd), and will begin then also!

    Staff Applications
    To prepare for the Invitational, we are also opening up applications for all section staff. Official and Moderator applications are also open! Applications can be found here (PWN | PXR).

    Project Development
    We are pleased to announce the opening of the URPG Project Development forum! This discussion board is intended for collaborative work on all aspects of URPG: new sections, events, programs, and anything else you can think up! For more details on how you can join the fun, please see our Process and Guidelines. In the coming weeks, we will begin working publicly on projects that have been in progress for some time, and we’ll welcome you to join and provide input! We can’t wait to hear your new ideas, too!

    Anonymous Feedback Form
    With how much things have changed in the past few months, we as staff wanted to be sure that your voices and concerns are still heard. While you’re always free to come to us individually about an issue or a concern, we also still have the anonymous feedback form, located here, which we will be checking frequently, and responding to publicly every month.

    Thank you all so much for your dedication and hard work. Let's make this Invitational (and the rest of this year) an awesome one!
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