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Thread: URPG Staff Applications - July 2018

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    Default URPG Staff Applications - July 2018

    Greetings folks!

    It's that time again! URPG is opening up applications for moderators, officials, and section staff!

    The applications for each position are listed below. As always, please feel free to reach out to any member of the URPG staff if you have questions about a staff role, need a more detailed explanation of each position's responsibilities, or require clarifications about applications. Bear in mind that we will not discuss specifics of your application with you until after the application deadline has passed.


    • The application period will last for one week, ending July 10th.
    • After all applications have been submitted, they will be reviewed by staff. These applications are considered and discussed among the respective staff.
    • Staff narrow the list of candidates down to a smaller interview list, and then interview these candidates. Generally this occurs two or three weeks after applications have closed, but if we have smaller pool(s), it may happen earlier! Section Staff may do the same, though each section's policy may differ.
    • After all interviews are completed, staff confer with one another to decide promotions.
    • Promotions are announced and made official. This usually occurs three or four weeks after applications have closed, but may happen sooner, circumstances allowing!


    • There are two types of applications: General Staff (i.e. Official or Mod) and Section Senior (i.e. Senior Ref, Lead Grader, etc.).
    • General Staff are responsible for URPG upkeep, including running recurring events such as gift stations and auctions, approving purchases across all sections, and being a liaison between the Staff team and the URPG community. Applications for General Staff will be reviewed by the Moderators and Officials.
    • Section Seniors have varying tasks depending on their section, but their role is to maintain and improve their sections. Applications for Section Seniors will be reviewed by their respective Section Heads.


    • All members of URPG are welcome to apply. While we value and will strongly consider your past experience and contribution to the community, there is no specific age or experience requirement for any position.
    • While we are using Google Forms for convenience, you do not need to register for a Gmail account and we will not be gathering your email information from your application.
    • You may apply for as many positions as you think you can manage and are qualified for.
    • Be as specific as you need to be. While we know individual members, we may not be familiar with every detail of your URPG career or your life; if there are events that you think are important to discuss in specific questions in your application, please do so.
    • Some sections will be taking multiple members, some will only take one, and some may take none at all. We encourage you to apply regardless, but we do not guarantee that there will be a promotion for every application.
    • Applications are open every four months, but if you miss this application period, we patiently ask that you wait until the next period!


    This round of Seasoned Navigator Applications will be held outside of the application schedule at a later date, to be announced soon! Thank you for your patience.
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