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Thread: Grinding

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    Default Grinding

    The struggle of fighting a boss in the games, and you have to go and fight more enemies until you're overleveled and can fight the boss. The art of grinding, a necessary evil in some games.

    How do you feel about grinding? Do you like it or hate it?

    I personally hate grinding. It's very annoying and time consuming. If it's a little bit to get me up to par with the boss, okay, fine, I'll do it. But excessive grinding is just too much. I can tolerate it to a certain extent, but when it gets excessive, it's too much for me, and I dislike it.

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    It really depends on the context for me. Depending on how the game presents grinding, I can either hate it, be fine with it, or love it.

    Situation 1: Pokemon
    There's only one objective in Pokemon until you beat the game: progress through the relatively linear story until you get to and defeat the champion. There's no alternate endings, powerful Pokemon and shinies are much easier to get after beating the game, etc etc. Because the only objective is beating the game, the only way to optimize a playthrough is beating it faster. The best way to get through Pokemon faster is by reducing the number of fights you get into. Because Pokemon presents grinding encounters as a sub-optimal "easy mode", it feels rewarding to not grind.

    Situation 2: most modern MMOs
    Most modern MMOs honestly don't require much grinding anymore to stay on top of a weekly raiding schedule. If you only care about raids, you can spend 10 minutes a day at the auction house, maybe spend one day a week maxing out a weekly currency, and only log on for raids. But not all players just want to raid; some players want to get cosmetic armor, pets, or mounts to show off to their guild mates on raid nights. A lot of the more prestigious mounts require excessive grinding, and when you finally get a rare drop or expensive cosmetic, it can be super gratifying to show off, so grinding becomes an optional but rewarding activity.

    Situation 3: games that pad their duration with grinding
    A lot of old RPGs (like Final Fantasy 2, Megami Tensei, etc) and old MMOs (EverQuest, RuneScape, etc) didn't have the budgets to create dozens to hundreds of hours of unique content, so to pad out their length, they relied on grinding. Even though "padding" is normally seen as a bad thing, I don't automatically hate games that do this. As long as I know what I'm getting into beforehand, it can be entertaining in an almost zen-like way to grind out levels while watching a video or chatting with friends in another window.

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    No grinding pls, be it levels or equipment etc. Just jump in and play.

    Most fun games outside of the RPG genre seem to do just fine without grinding anyway.
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