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Thread: Summer Gift Station 2018: It's Gonna Be A Hot One!

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    Declining all gifts.

    EDIT: After spending some time talking to Mikey, I've decided to take back my declining of gifts. I've spoken to the individuals who have gifted me, and they're all okay with this. Staff is also aware of my decision.

    Claiming the Squirtle from @weirlind120;, the story pass from @evanfardreamer;, the Colbur Berry from @K'sariya;, and the Treecko from Mikey. Thanks, y'all.

    @Mikey57; And a special thank you to you for putting up with my shit and talking me through life and everything I've talked to you about over the past few days. You're the best friend I could've ever asked for, and I appreciate you so much. Keep calling me out when I'm doing dumb shit because Lord knows I need it.

    P.S.: You're boosted.
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    Gonna go ahead and claim some GIFTS!

    nOT Anna, the Jynx from Evan!

    Mudkip from Weir!

    Kricketune from Jack!

    Charmander from Monbrey!

    Pyukumuku from Gray!

    I love u all tbh ty guys <3

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    Claiming gifts! Sorry for the wait.
    @weirlind120; The sword hand (and shield) twitches! I can't thank you enough for this, and then you go and slap a mega stone on it too?
    @Jack; A starter from the king of starters? Thank you so much! I wonder if this Surtr plays on Phoenix mode too

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    -Druddigon from Weir
    -Dome Fossil from Rick
    -Lucario from Bluetowel
    -2x DC Pass from Evanfardreamer
    -Eevee from Jack
    -Charmander from Monbrey
    -Swampert from Gray Nine
    -Helix Fossil from Mikey

    Thanks everyone for the gifts.

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    Finally finished adding all of my 'mons to my new stats, so I feel okay with claiming things now:

    Volcarona from Weirlind120
    Larvitar from DeKrueger
    Goomy from Monbrey
    Snubbull from Jack
    Mamoswine from Mikey57

    Thank you all so much, so much love <3

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    Honestly, I dont even have the words for this since I've been inactive for such a long time. Thank you to everyone for the kind words when honestly, I never saw myself as doing much.
    I had made a post about possibly leaving though but who knows, as long as people enjoy having me around and I enjoy the conversations and interactions to come. Thanks <3

    Going to go ahead and claim these gifts:
    Igglybuff from Jacen
    Mismagius from Evan
    Manectric w/ its Mega stone from Weirlind
    Minior from DeKrueger
    Purrloin from Axion
    and an Eevee from Jack! <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by evanfardreamer View Post
    And last, but certainly not least, to @HKim;
    I never really got to know you my first go-round, but you were always a cheerful face to see in the chatrooms, and happy to help newbies find their way around. After life got hectic and then re-settled, the URPG was still there for me to come back to, in no small part due to your dedication over so many years. It feels like woefully inadequate thanks, but I want to make it a habit, so stick around until I can find more fitting stuff :)
    2x daycare passes. Go make that Starmie EPIC!

    Thank you for the kind gift! I appreciate your generosity and wish you the best. You have always been a kind and welcoming soul.


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    Imma do this now before I forget again.
    Thanks for the Eevee! I shall turn it into the most powerful Leafeon you have ever seen. Or maybe not. We'll see.
    Thank you for the dome fossil. I shall use it to unleash anarchy across the entirety of URPG. Actually, probably not. But I'll get some use out of it.

    (I'll consider less than a month late to be an achievement.)

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    The Wrath of Hoenn

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    Got a whole hour and a half left to claim, so might as well claim

    Claiming Z-crystalI'mnotgoingtotrytospellfrommemory from @weirlind120; and DC pass from @Mikey57;

    Thank you both so much!
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