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Thread: Summer Gift Station 2018: It's Gonna Be A Hot One!

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    Declining all gifts.

    EDIT: After spending some time talking to Mikey, I've decided to take back my declining of gifts. I've spoken to the individuals who have gifted me, and they're all okay with this. Staff is also aware of my decision.

    Claiming the Squirtle from @weirlind120;, the story pass from @evanfardreamer;, the Colbur Berry from @K'sariya;, and the Treecko from Mikey. Thanks, y'all.

    @Mikey57; And a special thank you to you for putting up with my shit and talking me through life and everything I've talked to you about over the past few days. You're the best friend I could've ever asked for, and I appreciate you so much. Keep calling me out when I'm doing dumb shit because Lord knows I need it.

    P.S.: You're boosted.
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    Gonna go ahead and claim some GIFTS!

    nOT Anna, the Jynx from Evan!

    Mudkip from Weir!

    Kricketune from Jack!

    Charmander from Monbrey!

    Pyukumuku from Gray!

    I love u all tbh ty guys <3

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