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Thread: Staying Organized

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    Default Staying Organized

    Probably one of the top 10 most difficult things to do.

    How good are you with staying organized? Do you have a natural talent for it or is everything just a mess? If you have any organization tips you'd like to share with everyone, feel free to do so!

    I'm okay with being organized. I tend to keep a lot of things in the same place so I can remember where they are, but it usually gets messy and I have to reorganize it. I actually just moved into a different place, and I've been doing a bit of reorganizing so everything's neat and I can find it all when I need it. I've also been pretty on top of keeping a planner and using that to help me stay organized and on top of everything.

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    Most people applaud me for my efficiency and work ethic, but there are some (perfectionists and highly) organised people who think I am far from organised. I don't arrange my things meticulously, but I can find anything that I have placed somewhere.

    Here's a tip if you are worried about being not organised enough: Have a task list instead of a schedule - that way, you don't feel pressured into doing things exactly as they need to be done, but it gives you an overview reminder of what's left to be taken care of. Also, remember, being organised is not a requirement to be successful ;)
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    Gotta agree with the "list over schedule" mentality, usually schedules demotivate me if I start to deviate from them. Telling someone about your list can also help, especially if they're devoted enough to you to potentially remind you about what's on the list.
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    Gotta agree with the list comments--I know some people who devote a day out of every week to just organize a schedule and plan out things. It's great that it works for them, but I couldn't imagine doing that. At the beginning of every school year, I usually buy a nice planner that I like design-wise and am super motivated and hyped about. Then I forget to write things in it, which doesn't help when you're trying to use it to organize and it's empty.

    Lists help me immensely, large and small scale. I love the feeling of checking something off of a to-do list. Since my memory isn't that great, it also serves as a recorded reminder of what I have to do. I work great on lists. Same thing for subsets of a task--I perform tasks best when I have a list of the things I have to do to complete them.

    To anyone who works really well with lists, loves games, and needs something to help them get organized: Habitica was a really great tool for me. I fell off of it, and should probably go back to it, but it's a great way to gamify your habits and tasks. It's sorted by habits, dailies, and to-dos, and completing these things gives your RPG avatar EXP, gold, and once you're at level 10 and have a class + abilities, mana. You can join a party with your friends and deal damage to bosses/find items for quests by everyone completing their daily tasks. You also build streaks with your dailies, to reward you for continuing to do the things that you want to form habits of every day.

    If anyone wants to try Habitica, let me know and I'd be happy to try it again.

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