We’ve made some changes to ApriBalls that will hopefully make them more appealing! All changes are effective immediately.

  • Pink, Green, and White Apricorns have been added.
    Because of the addition of 3 new Apricorns, a 7 sided die will now be rolled to determine which Apricorn you get, if it’s been determined that you get one in the first place.
  • The price of the Apricorn Box has been increased to $7500.
    See the next bullet for why we did this.
  • You no longer need to pay to craft the ball.
    Because we’ve eliminated the cost to craft ApriBalls, it was decided to raise the price of the Apricorn Box, as mentioned above. You now only need the required Apricorns to craft your ball.
  • Abilities and moves that deal with Apricorns have been added or adjusted.
    The abilities that have changed are Cheek Pouch, Frisk, Harvest, Magician, and Pickup. The move that changed was Rototiller. Full information on these can be found in the Infohub.
  • New ApriBalls have been added.
    We’ve changed the balls in the system to Dusk Ball, Pasture Ball, Hardy Ball, Tempest Ball, Strike Ball, and Erosion Ball. The balls also now correspond to the type of the Pokemon instead of a specific area of the Park.