As the title says, we've brought back adoptables!

This system differs slightly from the one we previously had, which was brought to us by former moderator, Manaphy72. A brief summary of the new system can be found below.

  • Pokemon are tiered based on how common they are in the Pokemon games.
    This means that the more rare a Pokemon is, the more posts you'll need to hatch it, level it up, and max it out.
  • Legendary Pokemon will only be issued through events.
    Legendary Pokemon, which includes Ultra Beasts, will only be distributed through events. Which events get legends is a secret, but expect them to come every once in a while.
  • The system starts with Pokemon, but it can be expanded to feature other categories.
    We're starting with Pokemon on the premise that PWN is a Pokemon forum, and the series is what has brought many of us here together. However, we're also open to expanding the system to other categories, which can be custom made by PWN members or be based on other series, such as Fire Emblem, Magic the Gathering, and League of Legends. Expansion will happen in the future, but for now, we want everyone to have a chance to get used to this system before we start adding more to it.
  • Only PWN staff can approve adoptables.
    For now, we're limiting it to only PWN staff being able to approve adoptables. We will be open to adding more adoptables approvers as time goes on and the system becomes more popular among the members.

There are other ideas involving adoptables in the works as well, such as events using only your adoptables as well as the aforementioned expansion! Keep your eyes peeled for more on the adoptables! The new boards for adoptables can be found here.