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Thread: ORAS vs RSE

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    Default ORAS vs RSE

    Remakes vs originals. Which do you think is better and why?

    I personally like the original ones better. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the gen 3 games, I think that the originals are just overall better. They're less hand-holdy, and I thought they were a little more difficult than ORAS. That said, both have their flaws and such, and I do like ORAS for what it brings to the table with the newer graphics and all, but if I had to choose between the two, I'd go with RSE over ORAS.

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    Honestly I wasn't all that excited for ORAS when I heard about them because I didn't really care for the original RSE, but I ended up enjoying Omega Ruby more than the original games and it ended up being my most played gen 6 game. I have to say I preferred ORAS over RSE.

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