Sun and Moon, as well as Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, made several changes to the formula of Pokemon. Some of the changes include using trials instead of gyms and not using HMs and including riding Pokemon as a replacement. Do you think the gen 7 games are better or worse than their predecessors? Why do you think they're better or worse?

I think the gen 7 games are still very hand-holdy. I understand there has to be some kinda tutorial because of the younger players or the new players that haven't played the games before, but I feel like these games take it too far. It makes the games drag on unnecessarily. I also just feel like they're super easy; I'm not sure if that's because of my age and knowledge of the games or if it's because they're just making them too easy. I like some of the newer Pokemon, but I think overall, they need to make some drastic changes to the formula before I really feel like the newer games are better than their predecessors.