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Thread: Dictator: Beginner Capture Quest

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    Default Dictator: Beginner Capture Quest

    Heaven Kua is a place of many secret temples and run-down corners, tumbling with ancient texts. It is home to both knowledge and light, and the accompanying darkness that gains power when knowledge is used for more nefarious purposes. The shi, Yona, in all their knowledge, could not possibly know about all of the things that happen in the massive maze-like expansions of the settlements (or, could they?) and thus many citizens went about nefarious businesses indeed. In a corner of the underground library, far from the citys central districts, a fairly plain looking bookish kid found themselves walking among rows and rows of shelves. Dictator was here.

    Whether or not they had just woken up or had been here, awake, for years, was unclear. In the darkness of the undergound library, nobody could tell the passing of time, except for the life and death of those pokemon which lit the ceilings and candleholders. Small solosis hovered in baskets at the ends of each row of books- able to make eye contact with the other Solosis, but remaining solitary. They often threw up light screens for the researchers of Zhenyi, or worked in concert to give out flashes and pass messages, reflect light from outside, or give off a general regenerative glow. Nobody seemed to question this system, and the little cell pokemon often had a massive network throughout the libraries- the sections of library not lit by this network were often more difficult and dangerous to wander through.

    As it was, Dictator and their Eevee Lyra were being stared at by the nearest Solosis.
    Usually they didn't take much interest, so this was a little odd. It bobbed up and down in its basket-bracket, as if trying to topple right out and over the top.

    Encounters: 1/5Solosis: ??? (bobbing up and down!)

    Lyra the Eevee: lvl 5, 25/25HP

    Loot roll: 95
    Inventory: 3 Nest Balls
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