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Thread: Crossroads Madness -- PXFire URPG Incentives!

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    Default Crossroads Madness -- PXFire URPG Incentives!

    PXFire Crossroads Madness!

    Hello, URPG! Ever wanted to mingle with our awesome host community, meet some awesome people, and nab great rewards and eternal forum fame while doing it? Here's the perfect chance!

    PXR's Crossfire event, shortened to PXFire, is a 6-week, fun and competitive, forum-wide event hosted annually in the summer. Members form teams to compete in a variety of events, from a massive RP to art to humor to competitive Showdown battling, to earn points for their teams and come out on top! This year, PXFire starts on June 24th! But teams are being created and assembling now, so jump in before you miss the fun!

    Learn more, including how to get started, how to be an event judge, and what rules and events there are here!

    This summer, we're wanting to give everyone in URPG the chance to mingle and get more acquainted with our host community. With that in mind, we're incentivizing activity in PXFire for URPG members!

    How it Works:

    • Completing the objectives earns you URPG cash, which you can claim to your stats, or choose to spend on rewards!
    • Keep a log of the objectives you complete throughout the event, and the cash you've earned during the event, in your own post in this thread.
    • Only the cash earned from completing the objectives in this event can be used in the rewards shop below. Cash already in your URPG stats cannot be used to purchase from this shop!
    • Once you've claimed cash from the event to your stats, it can no longer be used to purchase rewards from this event shop.
    • Only one Pokemon may be claimed from this event.

    Ways to Earn:

    There are several ways to earn cash through this event, and there's something for everybody!

    Team Rewards:
    • $2,500 - Join or create a team. This reward can only be claimed at the end of the event, and only if you've participated in at least three events for your team!
      • +$1,500 - Get an additional $1,500 if you join a team with two or less URPG members at the time of your joining!
    • $500 ($1,500 max) - Create and post a button or signature banner for your team to use! Other creative contributions or team art also count!
    • $250 ($250 max) - Rep your team in your PXR forum signature or avatar!

    • $1,500 - Become a judge for an event. Have some free time and a little expertise? After you've read the rules, you can apply to be a judge for an event here! Your application must be accepted to receive these points.
    • $3,000 - Judge a round of an event on time. Key word is on time! This reward is for every round judged on time.

    Event Participation:
    • $250 ($2250 max) - Participate in a unique type of event. For each different type of event you participate in, you get a one-time reward of $250. There are nine events total, and this can only be earned once per event.
    • $500 - Create a character for the RP. The character must be accepted to count.
      $250 - Make a post in the RP. This reward is for each post. However, to count for points, there must have been at least 2 posts from different people since your last post, or 48 days must have passed if only one person has posted.
      $250 - Make an entry for Humor or Caption Contest.
      $1,000 - Make an entry for Creative Writing, Drawn Art, Graphic Art, Pixel Art, or Comics.
      $250 ($750 max per week) - Complete a battle for the Showdown event.

    Event Rewards:
    • $1,000 / $750 / $500 - Place 1st/2nd/3rd in a round of an event. Default wins do not count, and there must be at least three or more participants in that round of the event for a placement to count.
    • $5,000 + ??? - Finish PXFire on a winning team. Must have competed in at least 3 events to qualify for the point reward. Bonus cash will be awarded for the number of points you earned for your team, to be announced during the event!

    Activity Bonuses:
    • $750 / $1,000 - Scaling event participation rewards! Each week you consecutively participate in the same event, you'll earn an additional $750 / $1,000 on top of the normal participation reward! For example, if I participate in Creative Writing for three consecutive weeks, I earn $1,000 the first week, $1,750 ($1,000 + $750) the second, and $2,000 ($1,000 + $1,000) the third week. Missing a week resets this counter.

    Ways to Spend:

    To spend in the shop, you must keep a log with the cash you've earned. An example log can be found below! Post here to complete a purchase. Only URPG staff and approvers can approve these purchases. Approvers must double-check the user's log and the links in it to be sure that they have fulfilled all of the listed objectives. If you have any questions on if something counts for an objective, please ask me, K'sariya, or another staff member! Only the cash earned from completing the objectives in this event can be used in the rewards shop below. Cash already in your URPG stats cannot be used to purchase from this shop!
    • Cash Claim - Claim the PXFire Cash you've earned into your URPG stats. This is a 1:1 conversion! You must make a post with your cash claim using the shop form below to be able to add the money earned from this event to your URPG stats, and update your PXFire log to show that you've converted it.
    • EM Bundles - Tier One TMs: $3,000 and above / Tier Two TMs: $2,500 and below.
      • $7,000 - 3x Tier Two TMs
        $15,000 - 3x Tier Two TMs, 2x Tier One TMs
        $25,000 - 5x Tier Two TMs, 3x Tier One TMs
    • Pokemon - Purchase a Pokemon of your choice!
      • $4,000 - Easiest Mon
      • $7,500 - Simple Mon
      • $15,000 - Medium Mon
      • $25,000 - Hard Mon
      • $35,000 - Complex Mon

    To purchase, just link to your PXFire objectives log, then fill it out like you would a URPG purchase: with your total PXFire cash, your deduction, and your PXFire Cash change!

    How to Log:

    You can post below to log your PXFire progress. It's also similar to how you'd keep track of your URPG stats. You can do it how you'd like, but you want to make sure you include a few things:
    • Your total PXFire cash
    • The objectives you've completed to earn that cash, and the forum links to prove each objective
    • Any purchases or exchanges you've made in this event shop

    Here's an example log. It doesn't have to be exactly like this!:
    K'sariya's PXFire Log!
    +$1,500 - Created three team banners (posted in the team thread here!)
    +$500 - Created a character for the RP (proof here)
    +$1,000 - Participated in Week 1 of the Creative Writing event (proof here)
    +$1,750 - Participated in Week 2 of the Creative Writing event (proof here, consecutive event!)

    -$1,000 - PXFire to URPG stats conversion

    Current PXFire $$: $3,750

    Have fun, and may the best team win!
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