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Thread: The Pokemon Hobby

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    Default The Pokemon Hobby

    What is the general appeal? Why do you like it? When did you get started? Who are your favorite characters? Why are you drawn to them?

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    I'll tackle these one at a time!
    • What is the general appeal?/Why do you like it?
      For me, part of it is having been involved in it as a child, so it's a bit habit by now. But the competitive aspect of it appealed to me, and I enjoy various creatures. I've always loved fantasy concepts, so an entire fantasy world with unique and powerful creatures has always been up my alley.
    • I started with Pokemon Yellow when I was extremely young. My older brother was going to college, and he gave his games to me. I distinctly remember actually having a Mewtwo on his save file, then erasing it later on to start my own. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
    • Oof, my favorite Pokemon:
      • Aggron - I just love this thing for some reason! Its blue eyes and its bulky design is so nice to me. Its dex entries are vicious, but I love the softer ones where it describes it replanting the growth on its mountain in the event of a disaster.
      • Volcarona - I love this thing's design, its moveset, and its stats. Fantastic quiver dancer that is just generally aesthetically pleasing.
      • Hydreigon - I love this one b/c of the blood, sweat, and tears. I've trained a total of 3 or 4 up to level 64 up to Deinos in Gen 5, so I had to love it. I love its typing and its incredible moveset. A great pseudo in my opinion, probably the only one that's a favorite.
      • Ferrothorn - This thing SAVED MY BUTT in the Gen 5 E4. I typically don't like many Psychic/Ghost/Flying types, so I actually had zero of these when I fought the Fighting E4 member. The only Flying type I liked in Gen 5 was Mandibuzz, which... RIP. I threw a Rocky Helmet on this thing and my win condition was Iron Barbs/Helmet damage + the Hi Jump Kick miss from the Trainer's Mienshao. This thing took so many hits. Using it was the only time I really ever beat the E4. The rest were a breeze, it was just the fighting that was an issue.
      • Araquanid - I... love... this dumb spider... The contrast between its Sun and Moon Pokedex is hilarious. It's also sleeper OP (in URPG, at least). It's a physical attacker, but it gets a lowered Attack stat to make up for the fact that Water Bubble doubles its Water moves and prevents it from being burned. But it gets Power Split, which can boost both of its attacking stats, including Special Attack (which is nice, because Ice Beam is its only ice coverage), while also bringing down the opponent's. Love this thing. It's also specially bulky and has Mirror Coat. Just all around love this Pokemon.
      • Gogoat - Idk why I love this thing but I do. It's great. I don't even really like its moveset or anything, I've just RP'd with it with my Ranger character, and I love a leafy goat for some reason. It's cute.

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