Round 3 of Park changes, friends! Not as big of a ride as round 2, but a fun one nevertheless.

  • Ranger pay is no longer separated between NBPs and BPs.
    Instead of separating between NBPs and BPs, we're going to buff NBP pay to be the same as BP pay and remove the separation completely. Rangers will still have to keep track of their post numbers for wages purposes, but there will be one pay range instead of two. This goes into effect as of today, and we'll be using this for the next set of wages that will be happening soon. Here's the new pay scale:
    $1,000 if posts are of poor quality
    $2,000 if posts are of fair quality
    $3,000 if post are of excellent quality
  • Mart and Berry Store sprays are being added to the National Park Shop.
    The Mart Spray will remove all Mart Pokemon and their evolved forms from encounter lists, and it will cost $10000. The Berry Store Spray will remove all Berry Store Pokemon and their evolved forms from encounter lists, and it will cost $2500; you can also pay 2500 CC for this spray. There are revised encounter lists for both of these sprays if used on the Infohub, but the Mart Spray list can be found here and the Berry Store Spray list can be found here. A reminder that only one spray or repellent can be used per run, but this will hopefully give y'all more control over your runs.
  • Archeops is moving to Special.
    Take pictures of it and earn more money. Also because it's weird that it's Rare, but it's honestly more Special.
  • Bagon line is moving to Mt. Deckbi.
    Because it's weird that it's in Mt. Oktori when it's 4x weak to Ice and it's a Fire WC.