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Juliorain vs Mikey57
(Archen, Staryu, Drilbur, Eevee) v (Zorua, Aipom, Elekid, Treecko)

Battle got delayed a while cuz of irl responsibilities. Mikey's Zorua strat payed off in spades, allowing him to cripple Archen and deal sizable damage to Staryu. Drilbur, Elekid, and Treecko did a dance, with Treecko winning out. Things looked like they would turn around for Julio with Eevee, but Aipom ended up dealing with it well. After some delay, and with no way to win, Julio forfeitted.

Mikey wins and makes 2,500$
Julio gets Second Place, makes 1,000$ +10k Entrance fee returned.

I make 2,000$
Unpaid Tourney: 6,000$