@Ralin; Here we go

The outskirts of this small, unremarkable town are covered in darkness at this hour.

No longer concealed within the pitch black confines of the hut, Allison Cross sneaks away from the makeshift shelter in which she stayed the night. The first rays of sunlight today are soon to shine over the horizon. She should set off before then, while she can still sneak away from the town.

She makes her way to a small lookout house, built into the side of the canyon. It's empty, and will be until a few hours past sunrise, or so the sign on the wall claims. She could proceed in any direction - towards the capital and the arena, or away to the rest of the Chasm Kua. Perhaps she could make her way to the neighboring kua. Who knows?

The lookout house is situated next to a fork in the road. She could continue forward, on a path towards the capital, Honglan City, or a different path that takes her farther away from it.

The path away from Honglan City and the arena around which the entire kua is based will be tougher to traverse, whereas the path towards the capital will be much smoother. Of course, there is the increased risk of being involved in some sort of fight if she proceeds in the latter direction, but she might be able to purchase a weapon along the way, perhaps to defend herself, if she chooses to do so.

And so her journey begins.

Encountered Pokemon
None so far.
Your Pokemon
Finnegan the Rockruff (Dusk Ball - Disciplined) - Level 5, 24/24 HP
EMs: Echoed Voice, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snarl, Substitute, Frustration, Return, Facade, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Sucker Punch.
Your Items
Petaya Berry x5
Lum Berry x5
Yache Berry x5
Dusk Ball x3
Onmyo Hongbao x1
75/100 - no random drop