Been open for about a day and we're already making changes.

We're going to keep the awards system of days past, but we've made some small changes to it to account for the changes that have happened to the forums in recent months. Below are the changes we've made to the system:

  • Johto badges are now awarded based on post count.
    Since Kanto and Johto are canonically linked regions, it was decided to have them continue onward with the post count theme that started with Kanto. The Zephyr Badge can be awarded starting at 4,000 posts, and it goes all the way to the Rising Badge, which is awarded for making at least 7,500 posts. Users who were awarded these badges under the old system lost their badges, and they will have to earn them again.
  • The Relic, Icicle, Voltage, and Psychic Badges have been removed from the system.
    The reason behind this is that the awards didn't fit in with the forums at the current time, and we have no idea what to replace them with. We're 100% willing to bring them back, so if you have any ideas, please feel free to suggest them to us in our Quick Questions & FAQ thread! Users who were awarded these badges under the old system also lost their badges, but once we get new descriptions for them, you'll be able to earn them again.

We are always open to adding new badges (though we'll probably try to fill our four open slots first), and in the future, we hope to expand the system to include a set of badges specifically for the URPG and its members. If you do have any suggestions for badge system, we encourage you to reach out to us on Discord, post in the Quick Questions & FAQ thread (linked above), or make a thread in Feedback & Questions! We'll consider all suggestions thrown our way and do our best to implement them as quickly as possible.

If you feel like you're eligible for any of the badges, please feel free to post in our shiny new Badge Request Thread! A full list of all of the awards PWN has to offer can be found here, so you can check that list if you're not sure if you're eligible for anything.

Happy posting, friends! ♥