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Thread: [Magic] Favorite Format?

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    Default [Magic] Favorite Format?

    What's your favorite MTG format? Anything in particular about that format you like? Any favorite deck(s) for it?

    Personally, I play a lot of Commander with a wide variety of Commander decks. I also play Modern, in which I have a Superfriends deck. I've been messing with some Standard decks but they might end up needing Karn and/or Teferi...
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    Agreed--love Commander. Keeping up with Standard became too expensive. I had a standard Werewolf deck in Innistrad, but once it went out, I didn't feel like keeping up. Commander is a great balance. And I'm a sucker for Dinosaurs. Zacama and Zetalpa for life.

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    I like Standard, but I rarely buy decks in paper. Every once in while I find a budget deck that matches my style. MTGGoldfisg is pretty good for that, but I like brewing my own, too.

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    Don't even planeswalk to MY house if you don't have a COMPETITIVE V o r t h o s Planechase deck with you...

    I mean uh, I love Limited formats--Draft and Sealed with the newest set, and prerelease is always fun. Chaos Drafts/Sealed online (shoutout to my Chaos Sealed pal @Mikey57;) and building janky decks are also my jam. Fave limited formats in no particular order: Triple SHM; Triple KTK; ARB + a mix of other multicolor sets.

    This year I really got into Pauper, and it's probably my favorite format as far as constructed formats go, and it is my unflinching belief that EVERYONE SHOULD PLAY IT it is AMAZE
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