Hello, friends!

There’s been a lot of changes to PWN over the last few months, and there’s more to come. I’m here to break down the latest batch of changes and reopen the boards of PWN to the public!

  • With this post, all boards on PWN are open to posting by all users (except banned ones).
    You’ll notice changes in the boards available to you, but that’ll be broken down further momentarily. You’ll also notice that the boards have little to no posts in them. This is because we cleaned them all out, so we can have a fresh start here at PWN.
  • An archive has been created.
    The archive is publicly viewable and contains all of the posts from all of the boards, with the exception of the URPG. Users cannot post in the archive, but you’re free to view all of the posts inside.
  • The board layout has changed.
    We’ve reduced the number of boards visible to users on PWN. The old PWN had a lot of boards with little to no posts. The new PWN still seems like it has a lot of boards, but we’ve condensed them into sections that we hope all members will enjoy. The exact changes are detailed below.

Community Forums
Includes News & Announcements, Feedback & Questions, and Welcomes. No changes were made to these boards.

Creative Discussion Forums
We’ve condensed this down to three boards with no sub-boards. Role Playing Games serves the same purpose it always has; to create RPGs. Tabletop RP discussion can also happen here. Smeargle’s Art Cafe has been turned into the main board, and it will serve as a place for all art discussion and the sharing of art. Art shops can also be opened here. Library Corner has also been turned into the main board, and it will serve as a place for all writing discussion and the sharing of writing.

Prefixes have been added to Smeargle’s Art Cafe to note the difference between art discussion, art galleries, and art shops. Prefixes have also been added to the Library Corner to note the difference between writing discussion, stories, and poetry. If you have writing that doesn’t fall under those prefixes, you can still post it! If there’s enough of it, we’ll create a prefix for it too!

Pokemon Discussion Forums
These have probably seen the most change. We’ve removed the Pokemon Bulletin, our RSS feeds from PidgiNet and Pokemon Crossroads. We feel they’re unnecessary and users can get their news from elsewhere. We’ve also made Pokemon Anime and Manga its own board, and we’ve included spin off games in with the Pokemon Video Games board, where all discussion of the Pokemon games will go. Showdown Central is our hub for competitive battling, and we hope to see some tournaments there soon! We’ve removed PokePets, our adoptables system, from PWN, but we plan to implement a new adoptables system in the future.

Prefixes have been added for each generation of the Pokemon games (gen 1, gen 2, gen 3, etc.) for you to use in Pokemon Video Games to help distinguish threads between generations. We’ve also created prefixes, specifically TCG and Merchandise, for the Pokemon Chit Chat board so users can easily find threads on TCG and Merchandise in those boards.

Miscellaneous Discussion Forums
This board has also seen a lot of change. General Discussions will be its own standalone board, and all discussions that don’t fit in another board can go there. Entertainment & Technology is its own board now as well, with no sub-boards. Video Games and Anime Chat are no longer sub-boards, and all discussions relating to video games or anime/manga that aren’t Pokemon can go in those respective boards. Card Games is our newest board and will include discussions on all non-Pokemon card games, so if you’re looking to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic the Gathering, this is the place to do it! Forum Games is also sticking around, and our new Archive can be found here as well.

  • We ask for your help in getting the boards looking great again.
    If you have friends, invite them to PWN. Our goal is to strengthen our bond with URPG and its staff to prevent any issues like the ones that happened late last year and early into this year from happening again, and we also hope to create a strong sense of community at PWN so that everyone can feel welcome and safe at PWN, and the URPG should new users wish to join. We want to make it to where all boards on PWN are receiving love and attention, and there’s no boards going without posts for weeks or months on end.
  • The PWN Discord server is live.
    This is the place to come if you want to connect with other PWN users and URPG players! The server has a public invite link, so if you click here, you’ll be able to join our server! If you don’t have Discord, it’s free, and it can be used as an app on your phone, in your browser, or as a downloadable client. We encourage everyone to come and join us on the Discord server as it’s a quicker, more immediate way to get into contact with other PWN members and the PWN staff.
  • In the future, we plan to add other features to draw users to PWN.
    In the immediate future, we plan to bring back the awards system with some small changes. As stated above, we also plan to bring back adoptables in a new system that will hopefully be more appealing to PWN users and URPG players. If you do have any suggestions for PWN, please feel free to suggest them to the staff! We’d love to hear them!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the recent changes, you can post them in Feedback & Questions or talk to us on Discord!