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Thread: Ultra Wormhole: Liam

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    A wake of chills rushes up Babbs' arms in the moment before the momentous strike, and blue eyes dart down just in time to see slender white hairs rising as static fills the air. Instinctively, her fingers lash to her ears, covering them for what little protection she could get from the oncoming strike. Eyes clench shut.

    There's a stillness right before, and then hell breaks loose, a heat more intense than anything they've ever known flashing from the blinding strike that crashes onto the gargantuan bull. The molten plasma hits directly on the bull's nape, immediately catching its dark, thick mane aflame. In unimaginable pain, the Tauros rears, another bellow shaking their bones. Its hooves kick the air, but its weakened back legs aren't able to hold the brunt of its panicked weight. His right leg gives first, sending the panicked creature hard onto its right side.

    The shockwaves created by its full weight crashing down a second time is enough to shake the towering grass around them slightly loose from their flattening. Several fronds begin to ease upwards, mostly very slowly--but others launch upward as their last restraints are shaken, and blades as wide as Liam himself and twice as tall begin springing straight! They're suddenly in an unpredictable field of catapults, but that's not their only problem.

    Massive Tauros rises halfway, then heaves itself against the ground, trying to put out its mane in the humidity of the grass in its panic. The fallen bull's burning mane catches the first piece of grass aflame. Its spread is slowed by the humidity, but it might not be for long! Scent hits them soon after, filling their nostrils with the most horrendous smell of burning hair. Even though she's still reeling from the splitting sound of the strike, Babbs is forced to clench her nose shut to ward away the nauseating smell.

    "We better do something about that fire while we can!" she exclaims, but as she does, one of the blades of grass lurches beneath her. She grabs onto it just in time to keep it from catapulting her to who-knows-where, wrapping her arms around it as tightly as possible. It rises, then sags a bit, struggling with her weight at its middle. "Go!" she shouts, cheek pressed against the green grooves of her new, but unwanted, perch. She eyes the ground below suspiciously, wondering if it was safe to drop. The edges of the blades already bite at her arm like razors--sliding down wouldn't be a good option here. Babbs watches Liam nervously, trying to see if he could find a way to handle it before she needed to bring out Duchess. It was a thought that made her nervous; Duchess' dragon species resisted fire with their hardy pelts, but her cottony wings were more susceptible to flame. While she wouldn't be affected by it too much, her riders sure would be!

    Encounter Stats:

    Tauros / M / Rash / ??? / 60% [PAR][BRN][SP.ATK, ATK +1]
    is thrashing on the ground!


    Hiko Puwere the Galvantula / M / Impish / Unnerve / 86%
    used Discharge!

    Remaining Portals:
    For reference, Modified Pokemon & Locations.

    • Light Blue: Great Lakes
    • Dark Blue: Sandy Beach
    • Red: Mt. Deckbi
    • Light Green: Botanical Gardens / visiting!
    • Yellow: Abandoned Power Plant
    • White: Mt. Oktori
    • U]Pink:[/U] Meteor Valley / visited once!
    • Purple: Ruined Manor

    Trainer Stats:
    Liam O'Regan at the Ultra Wormhole!
    Remaining Encounters: 3
    Environment: Things are on fire!
    Pokemon Encountered: Meowstic-M, Tauros
    Pokemon Captured: none yet!

    Items: Digital Camera, Superball (x3), Hyper Ball (x2), Energy Powder, Energy Powder Plus, Lava Cookie, Pokedoll, Calming Fragrance Plus

    Current CC: 12,280 characters
    Total: 16,552 characters

    Pokemon Stats:

    Isla / Lapras / Gentle / Female / Hydration
    EMs: Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Substitute, Rest, Thunder, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Zen Headbutt, Icy wind, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hidden Power [Water], Avalanche, Roar, Drill Run, Iron Head, Heal Bell, Horn Drill, Reflect, Captivate, Freeze-Dry, Protect

    Hiko Puwere / Galvantula / Impish / Male / Unnerve
    EMs: Giga Drain, Light Screen
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    (OOC: so sorry I'm like late on this ;-; I've been so busy stressing over master's stuff and MCAT studying @[email protected])

    The crack of the bolt sent a shiver through Liam's bones, but before it could travel midway down his back, the thunder shook his core. The flash had color blinded Liam momentarily as the silhouette of the ranging bull froze before his eyes. As the flashing white faded and color returned to the surroundings, Liam noticed an orange bulb of fire on the back of the bull.

    "Oh, shit," Liam thought as the fire soon jumped off the back of the now panicked auroch and crept terrifyingly quick along the flattened grass. They were all in a sea of kindling, and Liam just stuck a match. The electricity hadn't just damaged the Tauros and sparked a fire, it energized the reeds of grass around them too. Liam say Babbs being lifted off out of the side of his eye as she called out for him to act. Soon, more blades of grass were moving upward, creating a kind of thin forest around them.

    The flames took advantage of this too, as they climbed the reeds and --with the winds help-- jumped from one to another. Hiko had nothing to counter fire, he could possible buzz the fire to extinguish it, but he couldn't do all the flames that spotted the field now. No, as much as Hiko was quick and cunning, Liam had another partner with the perfect set of skills for this type of situation, except-


    A stiff reed not too far had crumbled and fell over as its ashy middle could no longer support it. It fell and smashed to the ground, spraying embers around like a water balloon splashes water, only the embers grew as they landed into their own respectable flames. Liam realized two things: this environment was not ideal to support a large, fleshy beast and the situation was getting out of control.

    "Hiko!" Liam called to his trusted tarantula, "Lay a Spider Web, strong and stable along the ground next to us!" The enormous tarantula, who eyes glimmered in the flames it had just created, snapped out of his trance to turn his abdomen under his thorax and began spinning a thick web over the grass beside Liam. The fire continued as the Tauros bellowed from its burns as seconds passed before Hiko had finished his masterpiece.

    "Beautiful Puwere!" Liam called back to a blushing Galvantula. "Now, return to your Pokéball and get some rest; I'll need you for further shenanigans!" Liam took out his empty Pokéball and returned Hiko Puwere to his mobile, pocket home. He then switched out that Pokéball for a soft blue one. With detailed waves caressing the outside of the specialized Pokéball, Liam gave it a gentle kiss before pushing the button and throwing it into the air.

    "Let's go Isla!" Liam cried out. "Be a sweetheart and use your Rain Dance to quell the inferno!" A large, four flippered serpentine Pokémon materialized out from the Dive Ball onto the web Hiko had left behind. The Lapras cried out as she formed; her weight bending the grass underneath the web. Isla had heard Liam's command, and swiftly drew a large breath. She swung her head to the sky and cried out as rain clouds began to form overhead.

    Looking back down and assessing the situation, she realized quickly that they were no longer in a desert as she had last seen. Added that they were in a burning field, with reeds of grass seemingly rising out from the ground like zombies, and an angry, monstrous Tauros with limp back legs and thrash about while ablaze began to breed too much anxiety within the gentle giant.

    Lapras cried out in a panic, but Liam had predicted his sweet plesiosaur would be bothered by the intensity of the situation and had fought through patches of energized grass to be by her side on the web. He reached and rested a hand behind her ear and placed the other across her chest and he hushed and reassured her.

    "Isla, shh, you docile dream, it's okay. We can get through this," Liam calmed as rain drops began breaking upon them. They were small and light, but began to build up as Liam continued, "See?" he said, lifting a hand up to the sky to feel the droplets pinprick his hand, "you're rain will sooth the fire and keep us safe." He took his hand and gently turned Isla's chin toward him so their eyes could meet. "We're okay; you got this, Isla," Liam hushed.

    He let go of his Lapras to face the Tauros across the field. The rain continued to heavy, and soon the fire on the bull would be put out. Liam was sure the Taruos would want revenge of him, so he decided to be proactive with Isla.

    "Okay Isla, focus on that," Liam said, changing tone and pointing toward the Tauros, "Use your Hydro Pump to take it off guard; it may still be expecting a large insectoid instead of a sea queen!"

    Isla hummed approvingly at the compliment as she gathered her internal water. Forcing up the seawater from within, the large, prehistoric beast craned back its head and soon elongated it forward, using its trained muscles to jet out a stream of pressurized water at the enormous beast across the field.


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