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Thread: Lay your weary head to rest.

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    Default Lay your weary head to rest.


    It began with an explosion, a prism of lights and sacred feelings. He clenched his fist tight, pressing his palm to his chest. Racing heart out-speeding his thoughts. With tear filled eyes, he thought the war was over. The hurt, the loss, the pain, it had all been worth it. He would forge a world worth living in. A world where no more tears would be shed.

    Then came the power, the tantalizing power every starry-eyed youth yearns for. His freshly born hands reached out to the gods, and they returned a single hand. A graceful gift of power. He sat in his flowery field and stared at the gift within his palms. A whisper in his right ear, a warning. A whisper in his left, grasp it. Sweaty palms wrapped themselves around newfound light and power. A stream of thoughts and emotions flooded his heart as he witnessed the world rush by him. Past and present, but the future still lied in darkness. Not even gods could predict what would come next.

    In a barren wasteland, people with too much money rummaged through streets, no food, no water. No way to fight to their heart's contents. What could they spend it on, if there was nothing left? As they pleaded to the skies, he came from the horizon, new friends hand in hand. They too, had found power like him, dancing among the god's and their playground. They too, had the gift of approving. They looked at the setting sun and watched as the figures approached, smiles wide, smiles pure. They would fix this. These players would have a reason to fight once again.


    "Bring them forth." They spoke in unison. One was missing.

    One had chosen life over power. The ability to feel something again. This power, this so called gift took a toll on the soul. You could see it in their eyes. For every approval, for every saved life, they lost a piece of themselves. It fell adrift in the abyss, where not even gods dared to walk. Because the darkest thing lies within the heart. And where the abyss lies, is where the heart runs to when their vessel is no more.

    A lone civilian stumbles in, discs in hand. They trip at the stair case to the surrounding thrones. Flickering fires and moonlight plagued the room. "S-sirs... I need...."

    A voice from the left spoke hand raised in front of their face. It twitched with immense power. "A TM Toxic? How many is that now? Whatever...Approved."

    With that, the civilian walked out. Another entered without pause. A voice from the far right, past the empty throne. They glanced down with tired eyes.

    A pile of discs fell onto the floor. The far right spoke. "This is...."

    The civilian smirked, money bags beginning to evaporate behind them. "Wages were good this week."

    The far left spoke, "one million...."

    The money bags now gone. The left and far right spoke in unison. "Approved."

    The civilian walked out, and the two kept at it this for what felt like an eternity. Life went on, as it always does. An unstoppable cog in an impenetrable machine.

    The far right finally spoke, a youthful voice. Hand held tightly to his chest. "Wow you guys did a good job-" glancing over, his friends were gone, their hearts swallowed them hole.

    And he fell to the steps of their god-like places atop society. Who was left to save him? He sat, teary eyed and alone. But in the end, life went on.

    MAY 14TH

    And so, he wandered. Holding the dust of his dearest friends, what was left, in his palms. The wind howled in the desert, the land once again plagued by too many purchases. Lips cracked as the wind dried his tear filled eyes. The tears had returned, and his heart ached. The clouds began to darken. Rain fell for the first time in centuries. The world too, wept.

    From the thunder cracked skies came one of the gods. Hair radiant with fire, butterfly wings burning brighter than the sun. The world wild "Mortal, is this task too great for you?"

    Flesh growing with life as rain fell tapped his flaking skin. His body fell to the desert floor. "I understand now." His head laying flat, watching the moon rise higher and higher, becoming swallowed by the dark clouds above.

    Thunder boomed. "Is this too much for you?"

    He finally let go, the dust of his friends floating away into the wind. Mouth hung agape as he gasped for life. His heart began to slow down.

    "Answer me, before it is too late." She paused, the rain pressed against his skin again.

    No response.

    "It's okay, mortal." She closed her eyes and looked down. "It is okay to need help. That is why there are many gods, rather than one." The radiant woman looked up. "We all need a lending hand."

    Slowly, he raised his head, too weak to nod, his eyes did the talking.

    "...So be it." With a wave of her hand, she ascended rapidly into the sky, vanishing in seconds. The moon hung high, gleaming down on the desert. His body just barely twitching with life. That radiant feeling washed over him again. In his hand that prism of lights, that tantalizing power. With his burst of energy, he sat cross legged, staring out at the desert.

    A voice echoed in his head. "Rest. They will come to you."

    Shadows appeared on the horizon. Just as him and his friends had saved them, these silhouettes will save him. He closed his eyes, heart racing with life once again. He was no longer alone.

    "Xali...Weirlind120...Monbrey...Gray Nine...Synthesis..." His lips, no longer cracked, his body was able to hold itself up. He stood tall now, new life coursing through him. They people approached him, they would have been mysterious foreboding figures, but he knew them well. They were friends in another life. A life before this gift.

    "Do you take this power...?" He held out the light, it glistened, lighting up the sky to a vibrant blue. Outshining the stars.

    Synthesis shook his head and sulked back into the desert horizon. He had witnessed what this power did to man, and he said no. The others... they took it. They accepted their fate. Together, side by side. they would approve everything. For that was their job, their duty.


    Weirlind120, Xali, Gray Nine, and Monbrey are now approvers!

    Sadly, Synthesis has stepped down from this role.

    Congrats all!
    "Take Care of Yourself"

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    I do not approve of this.

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