This summer is the writest biggest event of the year! And what is that you might ask? Well, it’s the Summer Writing Competition!

But this summer will be different than any other summer ever. Period. No exceptions. Elrond and I have decided that it was time to spice things up, and to try out a small change with the formula.

This summer writing competition you don’t have to write and post within the timeframe of the event, you can use retroactive stories that came AFTER the Winter Writing Competition’s entry deadline closed. (For this year, any story past January 5th.) Of course, this is just a test run for this year, but we thought that this would give writers much more time to pour their hearts into their work, and not worry about rushing!

SWC has not opened yet, but we wanted to inform you guys of what was happening this year beforehand so it didn’t come too out of left field!

We will repeat this info in the genuine SWC post too!

Thank you everyone! Questions and feedback welcome!