This is a complete rewrite of a story from April 2011 that failed on first go round. Target is two Oddish, and my character count came in at 10,192.

The sky was streaked with crimson and ochre as the blazing sun set behind distant mountains. The last rays of its light reflected from the high, wispy clouds as sunset turned into early night. A large forest near the town of Celadon stirred as the creatures of the day gave way to the masters of the night.

Deep in the forest, a clearing amidst the tall aspens and mighty oaks gave a beautiful view of the stars re-establishing their position in the sky. Creatures began moving along their habitual paths through the undergrowth, whether they sought food or mates or to avoid predators.

A large lilac bush in full bloom at the edge of the clearing rustled softly. A group of several round, blue creatures crept into the open on stubby legs; atop their heads were long, broad leaves of a deep green. They wandered slowly across the meadow, pausing to look around them and occasionally nibble the shoots of grass they passed.

The largest of them had been the first to step from the bush, and was also the first to reach the center of the clearing. He sat down and looked up at the last puffs of clouds and the brilliant stars beyond them. The others settled down near him, all spreading their leaves to absorb as much of the starlight as they could as they waited for moonrise.

When it came, it did not disappoint. Though waxing it still illuminated the clearing, and the Oddish’ leaves seemed to glow with a silvery luminescence. More creatures crept from the underbrush to enjoy the soft moonlight. All were startled when a second source of light appeared in the sky – much brighter and faster than the moon, it streaked towards them from the south. Its argent glow made their shadows dance crazily as a large piece broke off of it.

The larger piece continued overhead, but the smaller piece lost some of its impetus. It seemed to grow larger as it came closer, and all the creatures heard a loud roaring noise as it sped through the sky. The other creatures panicked, letting out assorted screams, hoots, and cries as they charged in any direction that seemed safe.

The group of Oddish began to cry pearly tears, transfixed by the rushing doom overhead. The largest shook it off and turned to his friends. “Run!” he told them. It was enough to break the spell, and most of the rest began to scatter and hustle for the trees as fast as their stubby legs could carry them.

Not all, though. One other Oddish did not flee. “We can break it!” the other said. “We must use the moon’s power!”

The larger Oddish nodded. The two of them turned and spread their leaves, which turned a brilliant silver color. They drew in the moon’s energy as wisps of light that gathered above their heads, growing larger and more distinct as the meteorite tumbled towards them. When they could wait no longer, they blasted the gathered power as thick beams that were bright enough to cause their own shadows.

Both beams of light struck the tumbling chunk of stone, already weakened by the atmosphere’s stresses. It exploded and threw shards of rock and crystal over a huge patch of forest; the majority were too small to cause damage, but some larger pieces broke branches and trunks as they crashed to the ground.

The heart of the meteorite had not been rock though. It was instead a rough oval of some kind of crystal, which slammed into the edge of the clearing and tumbled. It rolled past the pair of Oddish and came to a crashing stop at a tangle of trees, knocking one of them partway over even as the crystal fractured around the middle.

The cacophony of forest creatures subsided as they realized that doom had passed them by. The pair of Oddish sat back down, tired from having to channel so much energy at once. The peace did not last long, however, as the crystal orb began to crumble. The crack around the middle widened and revealed a blue glow from inside – it was hollow.

Motion from inside showed that it was not empty, however. Stubby pink claws emerged and pulled a large pink creature out. It was bipedal, with a tightly curled tail and darker pink fins on its back that resembled wings. It was the source of the blue glow, an unearthly radiance limning the creature’s skin.

Its face was contorted in anger, and it searched the clearing with its beady eyes until it saw the Oddish. Letting out a high pitched shriek it gestured wildly with its arms. That was the only warning they had before a wave of water appeared as if from thin air, scouring across the clearing and washing the Oddish to the side.

They tumbled in the torrent of water, but it receded as quickly as it had come. The Oddish rose slowly, disoriented from the tumble. Before they could react, the foe’s second attack manifested as a gout of fire. The larger Oddish felt the searing heat from where he stood, but the flames struck the other Oddish full on and it screamed in pain. When the fire also vanished, the other Oddish lie motionless and badly burned.

The larger Oddish ran towards his fallen friend. He saw shallow breathing and knew the other lived, but would have to stop this strange enemy before it killed them both. He looked up just as the foe used its third attack, this one a bolt of lightning that forked around the Oddish and left them unscathed.

Oddish charged forward, gathering spores along the edges of his leaves. He retaliated before the enemy could launch another attack, shaking the spores off his leaves for the wind to carry. The cloud surrounded the foe which couldn’t help breathing, and within moments it began to look sickly and drooped.

That didn’t stop it from counter-attacking though, as it hurled itself into the Oddish. The collision knocked Oddish tumbling again, but this time he spread his leaves and came to a stop sooner. The enemy picked itself up too, but the distance gave Oddish enough time to work loose a seed. Cupping it with his leaf, he slung the seed forward and hid the foe dead center. The seed burst open as it hit, thin roots growing impossibly quickly and wrapping around it.

Oddish felt strength flow into the seed and drew that away, moving as quickly as it could towards his fallen friend. He directed that energy into the other Oddish whose breathing steadied. Faint light outlined the fallen Oddish’ leaves as the moonlight also helped restore its strength.

The foe had not been idle, however and Oddish felt a surge of energy come from it. Turning around, he saw streaks of starlight drawing into the enemy and the blue glow from it seemed to solidify. Oddish reached out to his spores in the alien body and found them weakening; he drew forth the energy it had gained from the moonlight, and recharged them as they ravaged the foe. It responded by giving a high pitched howl and throwing its arms wide.

Bits of the crystalline meteor heart rose from the ground and began to pelt Oddish. The razor-edged shards slashed at him and he screamed in pain as they shredded his sensitive leaves. The onslaught finally ended and Oddish looked up from the ground to see the enemy looming over him. It had gathered a shard of the cocoon in both its hands, and a wicked grin was all the more unnerving by the Pokemon’s glow.

Before it could strike, its grin changed to a grimace and the blue aura tinged green. Oddish rolled onto his back and saw the other Oddish approaching, drawing the energy from the foe to restore its own. Seizing the idea, the larger Oddish winced in pain but twitched the ravaged tip of his leaf against the enemy also.

Having the energy drained from it infuriated the foe, and it gave Oddish a heavy kick that sent him rolling away, but the pair continued to rejuvenate from the foe’s life energy. The enemy screamed again and began gesturing wildly, but instead of calling forth a devastating attack, a heavy rain began pelting the clearing.

The failure seemed to take the last of the enemy’s will to fight. It grimaced and fell to its knees, the energy glow around it finally fading. It sat in the rain and looked miserable. The two Oddish stared at it warily, but it was a fourth figure that made the next move.

“You are a long way from home, young Clefable,” a deep voice said. From the trees came a massive waddling pile of bluish vines. The pouring water sluiced off its enormous arms. “These two defended their home and their kin, why would you attack them for such a thing?”

It looked back at its crystalline pod. “They destroyed my capsule. I needed it to return to the others.”

The Tangrowth leaned forwards. “But would destroying them bring your capsule back?”

The Clefable took longer to respond this time. “No. But I was mad they had done this.”

Tangrowth said nothing at first. It raised its arms and extended several large vines. It gently lay them against each Oddish as well as the Clefable, offering its own energy for their healing. The Clefable returned to health and Oddish feared it would attack again.

Tangrowth finally spoke. “If you come to the forest as an enemy, even the smallest leaves will rise against you. But if you come as a friend, it has many gifts for sharing.”

Clefable bowed to Tangrowth. “I see that now.” It turned and approached the Oddish, who took comfort in the presence of Tangrowth’s strong vines. Bowing to him as well, it spoke. “I am sorry for attacking you. “

The pain had receded from Oddish’ leaves thanks to Tangrowth’s gift of energy. “I am sorry we broke your pod,” he said. “We thought it was going to crash on us.”

The Clefable returned to the pod wreckage, reaching in and retrieving a strange sphere. It was translucent, with a reddish glow inside that seemed to shift – after the Clefable held the sphere still the glow stabilized and pointed off to the north. It turned to the Tangrowth. “I know the destination, but not the way. Will anyone help me?”

Oddish felt the Tangrowth’s eyes shift to him, but it said nothing. The other Oddish laid a leaf against his back and smiled at him. The edge of the forest wasn’t far, but the sooner this Clefable was out of the forest, the safer Oddish would feel.

“We can take you to the edge of the woods,” he said. The rain petered out and he saw his friends around the edge of the clearing, watching. If the Clefable decided to attack again, he knew he wouldn’t be alone.