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Thread: Individual RP: VeloJello [Meteor Valley; Port]

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    Ranger Post 16

    Wigglytuff was having a good night.

    First the night of the full moon, the best night of the month for any Fairy-type, then getting a chance to show off her precious talented daughter to passing guests, and now a chance to crush these foolish interlopers over her fuzzy pink knee? It really didn't seem to get any better than this. Striding forward to intimidate her target, still flicking her ears to cast away the remnants of her Magic Coat, it almost seemed for a second that the serpent would ignore her. But the snake's master barked out a command, and without hesitation he launched into action, speeding to meet the rabbit with wild abandon. Excellent. This is so much better.

    Ugh, fantastic. This is so much worse. What is getting into these Pokémon tonight? I haven't seen a Wigglytuff ever actively attack before. Oliver wracked his memory to try and recall the ranger notices he'd posted on the Meteor Valley bulletin the previous morning. It's not a different... wait, what day is it? Last week was the 14th... Oh, no. I must have forgotten because of the clouds. The full moon is tonight, and that means... His reverie was sharply interrupted by the Igglybuff's sharp squeak, drawing a deep breath now that it was free of Darius's clutches. Within seconds, it was inflated back to its normal spherical shape. Unfortunately, its breather wouldn't last particularly long.

    Mazer blinked twice as he was released, scanning the area to get the picture. His ears perked as he saw the Igglybuff before him- had Opal sent him out so he could play with a new friend? Only then did he see the furious mother and Darius bearing down on each other- business as usual, then. With some chagrin, he nodded in response to his trainer's command, moving in to keep the juvenile puffball off balance. Knowing his buddy Darius, the Wigglytuff would go down quick and they could get its kid to surrender peacefully. Swooping in nearly too fast to be seen, the frog lashed out with a brilliant white kick, shoving the Igglybuff to the side before it could see him. To his delight, it decided to stay down. His tongue lolling out from around his neck, he turned back to Opal, eager for praise and heedless of the song the facedown baby was beginning to sing.

    Darius, meanwhile, was all too happy to start mixing it up with a real challenge, dropping the Igglybuff like a bad habit to focus on its mother. His tail sparking with an emerald glow, the leaves running down its back lengthened and sharpened until they could fell a sapling with one swing. His senses sharpened from the warmup against the kitten, he swung for the fences, his coils putting astounding weight behind his attack. Far from cautious, though, the Wigglytuff met the attack head on, kicking up a huge cloud of dust as she slid into close quarters with her foe. Neither Opal nor Oliver could see what happened next, but by the time the dust had cleared, both combatants were sporting a few fresh bruises, eyeing each other carefully as they circled for the next skirmish. Yet as the kitten's song drifted over the riverbed, it seemed like Darius might be crippled sooner rather than later, his eyes already drooping.

    68%- Atk +2- Still a bit sleepy
    - Used Leaf Blade, big hit!

    -Used Quick Attack, hit!


    51% - Def +1
    Female/Unknown Nature/Unknown Ability
    Used Sing!

    89%- SpA +1 - Acc -1
    Female/Unknown Nature/Competitive
    - Used Play Rough- Big hit!

    Character Count: 13418/35000

    Trainer Stats


    VeloJello (Opal Roleau) in Meteor Valley!
    - Park Balls (x5)
    - Super Balls (x2)
    - Hyper Ball (x1)
    - PokeDolls (x2)
    - Energy Powder (x3)
    - Energy Root (x1)
    Completed Encounters: 3/15
    Captures: 0/3

    Pokémon Stats


    EMs: TM Substitute, MT Dragon Pulse

    EMs: TM Acrobatics, TM Power-Up Punch, HM Surf

    EMs: TM Thunder Wave

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