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Thread: Curator Wages - to 4/18/2018

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    Default Curator Wages - to 4/18/2018

    Hello everyone! We had a ton of curations, so I just wanted to get some knocked out. We'll be aiming for monthly, but if we get a ton of activity like we have, we might do biweekly if we have the time. So here's an early surprise for those who might not have been expecting it. c:

    Please PM/DM me any questions that you have--I'm happy to discuss anything with you. Great work everyone on clearing out that backlog!

    Axion - $24,000
    Lychee’s Drifloon - $5,000
    PV’s Exeggcute - $5,250
    Juliorain’s Gliscor - $8,500
    Lychee’s Charjabug - $5,250

    General note: You do a great job of staying on topic in your curations, and you give great relevant advice. Your catch on Julio’s composition was a nice technical aspect to observe. Your curations are concise and great to read! Keep it up, and welcome back!

    VeloJello - $18,000
    Lychee’s Steenee - $10,000
    Liam’s Pyukumuku (re-curation) - $1,000
    W32’s Gardevoir - $7,000

    General note: ”First of all, as the local hag banging pots and pans screaming “shade everything” in the streets of the URPG, I love what you’ve done with shading.” How do you say the most relatable shit? This killed me. On topic, though, love your technical advice and appreciate how you apply your watercolor experience to your curations on Lychee’s works. As a related-but-unrelated-to-your-pay not, you’ve got a nice, conversational tone in your curations that I personally appreciate!

    Lychee - $11,000
    K’sariya’s Wooper - $4,500
    GhostlyGlaceon’s Umbreon - $6,500

    General Notes: You’ve got a good eye and a pleasant, conversational tone. Your curations have developed really nicely since you tested.

    Juliorain - $26,500
    Truly’s Beartic - $1,500
    Telling from his first post, Truly was asking for some specific advice (on the fur tuft rendering) for this piece. Your curation lacked that advice, and also made observations but didn’t exactly expand those observations into advice. You say that using pure white is a “no-no” (which isn’t always true and isn’t something we want to perpetuate), but don’t bother to explain why. Pure white/black being “right” or “wrong” is always relative to a piece and the contrast that is in it--in this one, the white was less of a problem due to the generally light tones of the work than the deep black of Spheal’s eyes were (which you pointed out) due to the lack of near-black in the rest of the work. When you suggest that something’s not right, always try to not only explain why, but also give a specific suggestion on how to fix it.

    Ralin’s Psyduck - $500
    This was fine and I appreciate your supportive tone in this one. Ralin’s sketch is the equivalent of a sketchbook entry more than likely, so giving you the money for that due to the brevity of it.

    Mako’s Murkrow - Pending / I know this is pending a revision, so I’ll leave this for now.

    Lychee’s Nincada - $2,000
    On this one, be careful not to press your personal preferences on art styles as particularly “right” or “wrong”--the way you spoke about penning here suggested that it was a mistake. Intentionality is a big thing here--it’s apparent that the penning/linework was used intentionally in almost all places. I disagree with any implication that it is unintentional here, and your observation that it’s “heavy”--it’s actually fairly light and tactfully used in this case, and worked really well to define the solid forms of the tree while still making it feel appropriately twiggy, and it was also used really lightly and subtly on the background hills and at the base of the tree. These lighter areas and variations in thickness are exactly how we know that this is an intentional style and not carelessness. The only place I could see it being critiqued on weight is perhaps on certain inconsistent points on the Nincada. Just keep an eye out for that.

    Truly’s Combee - $4,000 - nothing else to say here that we haven’t told you already!

    Lychee’s Delibird - $3,000
    The improved curation was much, much better, but be sure to clarify when you critique something. You could have clarified a little more on your critique on the anatomy--why are they off/less-considered? Giving examples of how perspective skews faces/flat objects on a rounded surface would have been something you could have done, or even used its default art as reference since it shows that property nicely.

    Sou’s Zorua - $6,000
    This one is much better at explaining the “why”s and giving relevant, helpful suggestions. Remember that mimicking the anime’s style isn’t inherently “bad” if that’s the style that they’re intentionally trying to go for. Otherwise, you had some nice observations and suggestions, and explained a lot of what you meant and how to improve on it--these parts are great, keep those up.

    Mistral’s Drifloon - $2,500

    Lychee’s Houndour - $4,000

    Rick’s Rapidash Bard - $500
    While the suggestions you gave are somewhat helpful as design elements, you’re missing a huge, vital thing in this curation: actually talking about the pixel art. This is a pixel art piece, and your curation doesn’t critique the actual pixel art at all. If you’re too unfamiliar with pixel art to give critique on it, please always feel free to request someone else to curate it. With pixel art, it’s not the artist’s responsibility to make it larger--it’s your job as an artist to dig in and zoom in, because the devil is in the details with pixel art. Comparing the model’s usual size with the sizes represented in the image, they’re nearly the same--making or the armor larger would result in awful upsizing issues, since pixel art doesn’t scale up well. Rick did exactly what he was supposed to.

    There are a lot of things you could have talked about with this one that you didn’t, leaving a kind of meatless curation. Rick might have learned how to arrange his pixel art on a page with this curation, but wouldn’t have gotten anything about how to actually make better pixel art. In Sou’s Zorua curation, you critique her for putting more effort into the background than the focal point (the subjects). You’ve done the equivalent of that here--you’ve focused on the far less important part. I’ve only given you $500 because the things that you said about the placement/design/background are still relevant (since presentation is important), but they should have been peripherals to a much more focused curations rather than the only content.

    @Axion; @Lychee; @juliorain; @VeloJello;

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    Claiming! Thanks, K'say! <3

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    claim I'll try and refrain from rushing and explain more things lol

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