Hello, PWN!

In the past, we have had a Discord server, but that server is now no longer existent in light of recent events that have happened on the forums.

Moving forward, we have created a new Discord server for you all to use and congregate with your fellow PWN members to socialize and have a direct line of communication with staff in case there's topics you need to discuss with them in a more immediate manner. The Discord server follows all of the PWN forum rules and has its own set of rules that can be found in the #rules channel on the server.

The invite below is a public, never expiring invite link to make it easier for those interested in joining the server to do so. We welcome everyone into our server, whether they be a PWN member or not, but it is worth noting that PWN members will be identified by their colored names (dependent on their rank).

We hope to see you on the server, and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to a PWN staff member!