i wrote this cause I want nidoking. And more importantly, to give people a nice example of the new system in place.


Capture: Nidoran (M)
MCR: 10k
ACR: 10,048
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The Nidoran’s Dilemma.

The cold weather carries itself through the air, chilling everything it touches. A light shine of dew paints itself over the grass surrounding everything. A high pitched whistle echoes through the valley. The small herd of Nidorans, shivering, yearn for warmth. Longingly, they stare at one another. The cold air creating an immovable obstacle between them. Sad eyes scan one another. Was that all though?

Two make the impossible plunge to one another. As they collide together, a glow of bliss dances in their eyes. Quickly, the bliss turns to shock, and shock into agony. They real back from one another, sorrow filling their eyes once again. Blood seeps from a small hole in one of them. The cold air once again creates a wall between them. Their spines are too sharp for something as small as warmth. They can love each other all they want, but sometimes getting close means getting hurt.

The cold air laughs mockingly as it presses against everything. Running its way between small purple ears and rubbing against nearby trees. The wind skids across the planet’s surface, free to be with whoever it pleases. Its existence is freedom.

The herd of Nidorans listen closely to the howls of the world. Looking up to the gray winter sky, a question lingers. How can they brave the pain?


Aden reels back from the cold surface of the wall that his bed rests against. His blanket surges to life as his legs contort inwards. Pale hands fold inwards to the deep crevices of the large blanket that holds him like a cocoon. Sleepy eyes stare off into nothing. The glow of the moon peaking between trees and onto the floor of his bedroom. He traces his tongue inside of his mouth. Slowly, his eyes close and drift to sleep.

An hour passes. In the midst of the fog inside of his dream, a rhythmic tapping follows him. An empty valley stretches out in front of him. Eyes scan his surroundings. Skeletons of small creatures rest atop the ashes of the once living plants. Aden stands there, staring blankly in his pajamas. Shivering ever so slightly, his body steps forward. The sky is pitch black. The glow of the world emitting from the Earth itself. Cautiously, his foot dances over one of the skeletons and his toes rest in the ash. He swears the head of it moves. Shaking his head, he can feel the fog of the dream weighing down on him. He has no choice but to move forward.

The valley begins to twist and turn like a hallway. A buzzing echoes through the valley. He looks around, his head rolling on his neck as he stares to the blank sky. Buzzing consuming his thoughts. All senses but sight are now gone as the buzzing goes on and on.

He begins to walk forward again. At the end of the horizon, a figure stands. Flowing black hair and an unforgettable smile stare back at him. He can feel his face warm up. Another step forward. He cannot move. Cold air throws him back. His body tumbles onto the ground as the ash rises up into clouds of smoke. Bones crack and snap as they break his fall. The buzzing grows louder. The black sky begins to descend upon him. The light of the Earth fades, leaving nothing but black.

Sleepily, Aden’s eyes jolt open. The moon glares into his room still. A small rectangular light sits in front of his head, glowing bright. His entire bed quakes slightly at the vibrations emitting from the light. His heart begins to flutter. Hand launches out, forgetting his exhaustion and pulling the phone to his face. Dark circles hang low, but a smile begins to appear.

[Get ur ass out here]

Aden tilted his head sleepily. Fingers slide up on the screen bringing up a small keyboard.


[Cmon dude you gotta!]


He let the phone slide from his hand as he rolled his legs onto the floor. Sitting up, blanket still around him like a cocoon, he yawned. Slowly he rose to his feet and grabbed the hood slumped over the chair next to his bed. Staring hazily at a wall, he stared out his window. A girl with black hair and unforgettable smile leaned against a tree, facing his house. The light of her phone making her face glow in flickering colors. Aden’s heart fluttered. In a quick motion, he thrust the window open on his first floor bedroom and flopped out onto the driveway pavement. Even out here, the moon made the street glow.

“Sup?” She spoke, without throwing a glance his way.

Aden pressed his hands into the jacket of his hoodie. “I was asleep.”

“And?” She smirked. “Not like we got school tomorrow.”

“I like sleep.” He was now a few feet in front of her. The heat of his breath dancing in the cold air.

“Me too.” She sighed, putting lower her hand and phone to her hip.

“Then why have me come out here?” Aden yawned.

“Dunno. Felt like it, y’know?” She looked up the tree standing over her. The leaves rustled in the wind.

Aden sighed and shrugged. “Well, where are we going?”

“You pick.” She was looking at her phone again.

“Fine.” Aden stepped forward. In the darkness neither noticed, but both took a desperate grasp at one another’s hands, missing. Both pairs of eyes lost in something else. Aden walked onward towards the mass of trees behind his house. Marie followed.

Twigs and leaves cracked under each one of his cautious steps. It was almost as if stepping on bones. Adens voice vibrated in his throat as he got the confidence to speak. “How was your weekend?”

“It was pretty chill, y’know?” She sighed. “Nothin’ eventful.”

“Cool…” Aden’s voice trailed off as he stared into the trees. This journey had become habit. His body went into autopilot. Thoughts raced. He dared not to share them, but many involved her, and the way she looked. Everything felt wonderful.

The moon was soon swallowed by the treetops now towering over them. Forest trees with thick bark and aged leaves swayed gently in the wind.

“So. I picked the place, you pick where we sit.” Aden stretched.

“Kay.” She stared at her phone still.

He could feel it in the back of his head. That sleepy dreamlike feeling. The fog of his dreams was coming down in him once again. Wide eyed, he slowed his pace, letting Marie take over.

She walked ahead of him, face still locked onto her phone. Aden yawned.

Eventually the sky overhead turned pitch black. The smog of the nearby factory swallowing what little stars they could have seen back at home.

Marie spun around to face Aden then sat on a small log. There was just enough room for both of them. Aden inched towards her, taking his seat. His arms scrunched up, leaving space between the two of them.

In the distance, underneath a fallen tree, Aden saw two small creatures walking around one another. Their purple spikes surging up and down with every breath. The cold air whistled through the forest. Aden inhaled sharply. The two creatures tried to get close, but both had to launch back, yelping in pain. Aden’s eyes watered slightly in the cold evening air.

“Hey.” Aden said quietly.

“Hm?” Marie stared at her phone still.

“Can uhm…” His fingers pressed into his stomach as they hid away in the pockets of his hoodie. “Can we talk?”

She says nothing, but sets her phone to the side of her.

“I uhm.” Aden looks to the creatures, sleeping with eyelids shut in sadness. “I uh.” His heart shook. The visions of skeletons plaguing his mind. The valley in his dream was certainly reality. She stood there at the end of the long trek, staring back at him. Her eyes now clear as day in his mind. Piercing him, piercing the bleak sky above.

Yes. He wanted to do this.

“I like you, Marie.” He said lungs shaking out of rhythm. The wind howled by. “Like, I like-“

“Oh.” She spoke flatly.

“I’m sorry I… I had to get it out.” Aden scratched his head with a shaking hand.

“No… I.” Now Marie stared at the two sleeping creatures. “I guess. I do too.”

“R-really?” Aden’s voice gained new life.

She crossed her legs and folded her hands. “I think so why else did I feel like I needed to run to you?”

“Run?” Aden tilted his head.

“Yeah. Run.” Marie continued to stare off.

“From what?” Aden leaned forward.

She leaned back. “From… everything.” Swallowing, she continued. “From these feelings.”

“So you hang out with me? To run away from feelings for me?” Aden scoffed. “That doesn’t really make sense.”

“I guess I just. I was scared to bring it up.” She closed her eyes.

Aden bit his lip. “Why?”

“I don’t want to get hurt… again.” Marie brushed her hair behind her ear. It was almost as black as the sky.

“Why would I-“ Aden’s eyes widened.

“I don’t think you would… but the idea scares me.” Marie looked away still.

“If we… both followed these feelings, you fear we would hurt one another?” Aden removed his hands from his pockets and rested them on his lap.

“Yeah…” Marie reached for her phone. But was stopped by a stronger force.

Aden grabbed both of her hands and pulled her towards him. His face was crimson. His heated breath come out sporadically. “Then… I want to get hurt.”

“Huh?” Her eyes went to her hands then to his face. She began to blush too.

“I want to…. I want to love you, more than anything.” Aden’s hands became fists as his heart raced.

“But… I can’t-“ She gasped as he cut her off.

“So what if I get hurt, or YOU get hurt. The idea of never having a chance to truly love you is much worse to me, and far more painful.”

“Aden…” She tried to look away, tears welling in her eyes.

Aden leaned in and locked lips with her. Slowly, his grasp loosed and her hands fell to this sides. Unphased, the wind blew by them.

In the distance, the sleeping creatures huddled close to one another. Their spines pressing into one another, despite this, they no longer had sorrow in their dreams.

With his eyes shut and lips locked to hers, he could see it again: That place in his head. The bones seemed to be gone. The ashes giving life to vibrant green plants. And at the opening of the valley he could see it clear as day. The girl he had always dreamt of. Now, as he stepped forward, his body and mind could both feel her. His heart soared. He had braved his pain, because the world without that pain, would mean nothing. And she was his meaning now, and he couldn’t ask for more.