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Thread: Weir’s Beginner Capture Quest [1]

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    Default Weir’s Beginner Capture Quest [1]

    A fire breathing mountain that leads to the heavens. Humanity buildinh desperately, racing towards the skies. The sun was all they knew. Light beams trickled down the rocky mountainsides that shaped their home. The sun was their god. The heat blasting down upon every move of the Forge Kua inhabitants. Alas, it could be their god all it wanted, but that could not stop the flow of nature and the flow of time. And nature, all of it, was the true god of this world.

    A different path. A side of the volcano the sun would stare at for a huge portion of the day. The eastern cliffs of the volcanic behemoth had recently seen fire. Lava had trickled slowly down the side of the spire, inching ever so closely to the lives that once inhabited this small corner of the Forge Kua’s world. Now, a month after the flames consumed the village and the civilians found homes elsewhere, nature had taken its home back from the smoggy aura of the Forge.

    Ethan stands outside of these ruins, a charred and burnt to a crisp sign stands outside of melted city gates. The sun glares down upon the lone journeyman. As he steps forward a single step, he scans the sign in all of its broken glory: “WE[too charred to read] TO NEWPEACE”

    The is forever a time capsule. Of human arrogance? Of how humanity’s drive was unbreakable? How humans contested the laws of the world?

    There was no clear answer, at the end of it. It would be up to Ethan to decide for himself.


    Makeshift fishing Rod
    3 Nest Balls
    Lum Berry (10/10)
    Custap Berry (5/5)
    Aguav Berry (5/5)
    Rindo Berry (5/5)
    Yache Berry (5/5)
    Chople Berry (10/10)
    Occa Berry (5/5)
    Passho Berry (5/5)
    Shuca Berry (5/5)
    Charti Berry (5/5)
    Roseli Berry (5/5)
    Sitrus Berry (10/10)


    Sophie the Growlithe (Nest Ball; Disciplined), Level 5, 25/25HP
    Jawsmine the Gible (Nest Ball; Disciplined), Level 1, 13/13HP
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    Towns like this creeped Ethan out. Sure, everyone knew that a town or two always had the possibility of going under the volcano, but that didn't make it any less jarring to come to a place where people had once lived, with farms and shops now burnt or abandoned. Plus, there wasn't anywhere for him to fish, so realistically he'd only really try to pass through, which was always hard with rubble all around.

    However, Ethan wasn't going to let something like this mess with him; he wanted a true adventure, and stuff like this was bound to happen. Figuring a little company might help him make it through; Ethan tapped the two pokeballs on his belt. Bright red light gave form to two small creatures, Ethan's prized companions. The first, Sophie, brushed off the sleep lingering in her orange fur as she stretched her small, limber canine body. Jawsmine let out a huge yawn as she looked around, and was the first to run over to Ethan as he pushed open the gate to the town, ready for the first step in his journey now that he had his companions backing him up.

    "Thanks Jawsmine. Let's get this over with, hey? We're not going to let something silly like this get in our way, right?" Ethan smiled as Jawsmine let out a loud cry of approval, at which Sophie bounded over and approved as well. With that small rallying cry, they made their way into the ruins of Newpeace.
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