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Thread: Beginner RP - Evanfardreamer

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    Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Gamma

    Taillow watched closely, finally settling down as Evan poured some water into a small pool onto the ground, gesturing as if offering it to the small bird. Taillow looked back and forth between the water a few times, inquisitively, before it finally decided that this was fine. It hopped down Evan's arm, flitting about as it eventually made it down to the ground, and taking small sips of the water. It, however, didn't take its eyes off Evan for very long, looking up between drinks. It already seemed to be attached to Evan, not wanting to be separated for a minute, even though it was obviously very famished.

    San found this very peculiar; the bird looked as if it was in its prime; it would have left the nest a few weeks ago, and usually wouldn't get this attached to anything, especially not a human. While this was going on, however, San noticed that Evan had managed to get his backpack off; he hoped that the food inside would be enough to placate the Taillow, at least long enough for Legend to get inbetween them or for Evan to back away. San had a feeling this would be a tough endeavor though; again, Taillow seemed very attached, and who knows what it'd do if anything separated it from Evan.

    While watching, however, Gamma finally spoke. "I feared speaking to the Taillow might scare it, so I didn't opt for that route. I think it may be best to just see what Evan does, he seems to have it handled." San nodded in agreement; the food inside, and Legend's calmer thinking would be the easiest way to resolve this situation.

    Wild Taillow
    Drinking the water, but still hungry


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    Evan's quick thinking made Legend calm down.

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    Evan smiled, seeing the blue bird drinking the water. He was less afraid of startling it now, but still moved smoothly as he slid the backpack off one shoulder to get into it. The drawstring on the flap wasn't very tight, and luckily he'd packed the food on top where it was less likely to get squashed. He dug past the cheese sandwiches in wax paper, as he didn't know how well the bird's digestive system could handle it. Beneath those were several cellophane-wrapped sandwiches of peanut butter and bluk berry jam, and Evan pulled one out.

    Peeling off the plastic wrap, he wadded it up and stuck it in an empty pocket on the side of his pack. He tore a corner off the sandwich and held it forward to the bold Pokemon he'd just met. "If you want berries, the middle of this sandwich has some berry jam on it. It's mixed up with some peanut butter, I hope you like that."

    He turned his head slightly - enough to keep an eye on the Pokemon and catch the ranger in his view. "Ranger San, is now a good time to stop for lunch? It's a bit early, but this one seems pretty insistent."

    Hearing the L word, Arcanine's ears perked up as well. All this smelling and exploring was making him hungry, and he edged closer to Evan and food.
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