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Thread: Ultra Wormhole RP: Mistral

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    Ranger San Sū-kagetsu and Connie

    San couldn't help but laugh. This Solrock just does NOT care about Spiny, even though it just got smacked in the face. Solrock sat there, calmly minding its own business, even as Spiny hopped back from the first attack, ready to go again. Audrey, however, did not look as amused. A full on attack should have done more damage, but it hadn't done much after the Solrock had reabsorbed energy, and the way this was going the battle would drag on for a loooooooong time. And Audrey didn't have all day.

    Audrey first called a move for Spiny to set up; unsurprising, since Solrock was very disinterested. Audrey then called out three attacks; two long range attacks, and another Sucker Punch. This would be crucial; if Solrock hadn't been angry before, this would be THE thing to anger it, and the real battle would begin from there.

    Spiny gathered its strength with the power of the sword, and then began firing hard seeds at Solrock, each hitting with a loud thud. The first, Solrock didn't mind; it was used to the odd rock or Pokemon knocking into it. But then it got hit again... and again... and again... and finally Solrock took notice of the damage piling up. It located the source; the cactus was not hard to spot, and it turned towards Spiny right as the Seed Bomb flew. They crashed into Solrock from above, nearly knocking it out of the sky, and Solrock then decided to deal with this pest. Gathering its psychic power, it ripped boulders from the nearby rocks, telekinetically pushing them at Spiny from 4 different sides.

    Spiny was about to launch into Sucker Punch when these rocks hit it, and immediately they stuck together, pinning it and preventing it from moving. And then, to finish things off, it ignited the air with its mind around Spiny into a fiery vortex, trapping it in the rocks and flames. As the vortex settled a bit, Spiny was seen clearly ok, but to Solrock that was the end of it. "The nuisance is taken care of now," it thought, "and now, now I can rest again..."

    Audrey called after Spiny as Solrock turned again, basking in the sun and psychic energy, ready to sleep even though the seeds still on it managed to sap energy again...

    Encounter Stats:
    70% (SpAtk,SpDef+2) [Seeds]
    Wild Solrock
    used Calm Mind, Rock Tomb, and then Fire Spin, and now looks to be going back to sleep...

    vs (SUN)

    84% (Atk+2) (Spe-1) {Fire Spin}
    Spiny the Male Cacturne
    used Swords Dance, Bullet Seed, and Seed Bomb, but was prevented from using Sucker Punch

    Trainer Stats

    @Mistral; - Audrey Locklear
    Active Effects: None yet!
    Used items: N/A
    Location: The pink portal.
    Portals Available: Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, White, Pink, Purple
    Encounters Remaining: 5
    Encounter List: Cacturne
    MCR: 11,471
    Captures: N/A


    Digital Camera
    Apricorn Box
    Hyper Ball x2
    Super Ball x2
    Energy Powder Plus
    Calming Fragrance Plus


    - Out of Pokeball
    Spiny the Male Cacturne
    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Water Absorb
    Taught Moves: Thunder Punch, Drain Punch, Poison Jab, Strength, Hidden Power [Psychic], Focus Punch, Bullet Seed, Protect, Giga Drain, Frustration, SolarBeam, Return, Brick Break, Secret Power, Focus Blast, Swords Dance, Dark Pulse, Grass Knot, Substitute, Venoshock, Nature Power, Power Up Punch, DynamicPunch, Grasswhistle, Low Kick, Magical Leaf, Nasty Plot, Rototiller, Seed Bomb, Headbutt, Mega Punch, Mud-Slap, Seismic Toss, Mega Kick, Cut, Counter, Fell Stinger, Synthesis, Facade

    Khonsu the Male Umbreon
    Nature: Brave
    Ability: Synchronize
    Taught Moves: Fake Tears, Stored Power, Substitute, Zap Cannon, Hidden Power [Electric], Frustration, Iron Tail, Return, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Facade, Secret Power, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Cut, Psych Up, Snatch, Work Up, Snarl, Wish, Yawn, Heal Bell
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    Audrey wasn't sure what was more frustrating: the fact that this Solrock was just toying with her Cacturne or that it was so disinterested in the battle it was in. Either way, it was frustrating, but she took a deep breath and kept her cool. Getting too frustrated wouldn't do her any favors. Patience was key here.

    Spiny was trapped among rocks and flames, and that was the main issue here. The rocks weren't too much of an issue, but the flames were. Cacturne was a Grass and Dark type Pokemon, and Grass types mixed with fire wasn't a good mix. Either way though, regardless of how dangerous the flames were for Spiny, she had to get rid of both the rocks and the flames. Being trapped would hinder his progress, and it would make catching the Solrock that much harder.

    "Spiny, let's use Sand Attack to kick up some sand to start putting those flames out, and then conjure up a Sandstorm to make sure they're out for good!" Audrey said. Sand Attack would at least get some sand kicked up to allow Spiny to conjure up a stronger Sandstorm to really put the flames out. Hopefully, anyways. That was the intent. The Sandstorm would do no harm to Solrock because of its Rock typing, but it would do harm to Spiny because of his Grass and Dark typing; if he had Sand Veil, it would've been a different story, but he had Water Absorb, and in this case, it would hurt him more than help him. The Leech Seed that was attached to the Solrock would hopefully regulate the damage Spiny would take from the Sandstorm, and there wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    But once the flames were out, they had the issue of the rocks that trapped Spiny too. "Once the flames are out, use Strength to lift them up and throw them at the Solrock!" That likely wouldn't do too much damage to the floating rock, but it was better than nothing at all. Every little bit of damage would help here against this frustrating, sun shaped rock.

    ...Every little bit of damage would help. A small smile formed on Audrey's lips. There was no guarantee of her plan working, but it was worth a shot. "Let's use Poison Jab on it too! Hit it as hard as you can, Spiny!" If everything went according to plan, Spiny would be out of the trap he was in, and Solrock would be poisoned, furthering the damage it took and making this challenge just a little bit easier on her and her Cacturne. If it didn't go according to plan, then that would be okay too; Solrock would still take damage, so using Poison Jab wouldn't be a complete waste of time. Audrey just hoped it would poison so that she could catch this Solrock.

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