Hi everyone!

I've got a very short update today!

For those still waiting for staff access to InfoHub, thank you for your patience! I still estimate that it will take about a week to provide that access. I will certainly be working on it this weekend, and I will continue to keep everyone updated, even if things don't progress as fast as I'd like, through these weekly updates.

Since a few people have asked, I'd like to take a moment to confirm that this thread is the best place to post any errors on the InfoHub or UltraDex. While I do try to take Discord pings into account, it's easiest for me to keep track of issues in thread format. If you notice an urgent issue, like a page looking seriously broken, please feel free to DM me on Discord and I'll write it down so that I can work on it at my earliest availability.

Finally, by request, I've reconfigured the move tooltips in the UltraDex so that the comma isn't removed from the list when you hover over a move. This should make it easier to copy and paste without having to look back every time to see if there are commas missing.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me any time with feature requests or issues.